Paintball Hopper Comparison: Empire Halo Too vs Planet Eclipse Protoyz Speedster Loader

What is going on guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I'm doing a quick comparison between the Empire Halo Too and the brand new ProToyz Speedster Loader.

[Mark] ProToyz!

Empire Halo Too Overview

ProToyz, ProToyz is in the building baby. Let's start off with the Halo Too first. 

So Halo Too, as we know this bad boy can feed 20 plus paintballs per second. This hopper does retail for around 85 bucks. I think they're currently at pricing $84.95, something like that. Feeds 20 plus paintballs per second. Does have tool-less access upfront for nine volt batteries to go in. With the push of a button, you can access your front pack. You can either do a nine volt or you can do four double A's as well. So this hookup here Mark, as you can see, you know you can change out to a nine volt pack if you'd like, but I would highly recommend operating it on the four double A's. 

Tool-less entry which is very very nice. I like that feature of the hopper. So, next up on the list, what we're gonna talk about here, let's slide that bad boy back forward. It does come with the rip drive. So if you guys ever jam a paintball or your hopper stops feeding, you have the option or let's say your battery dies, you have the option to spin the rip drive on the bottom and you guys continue feeding without having to worry about missing shots or just kind of eliminating yourself from the game.

[Mark] Can it spin both ways?

It can. 

[Mark] Okay.

You can kinda just you know quick, give it a little, give it to you all okey-doke and keep it moving. 

Next thing I'm gonna say is the lid. Obviously with this hopper you can actually put on a speed feed. You take your rain lid off, completely off, what you're gonna need tools to do so, and then you can put a universal speed feed around the outer edge of the rim. So that's a cool feature. 

Halo Too Hopper Mechanics 

Next thing we're going to talk about is the actual way this hopper feeds. It is a sound activated hopper. So every time your gun shoots and hears the sound of your gun shooting, it's gonna continuously feed, there's no breaking eye, eye systems or anything like that, up to the actual feed neck itself. So went over the batteries, how it's tool-less to get that in. It is speed feed compatible. It feeds 20 plus paintballs per second. And then also it does come with the rip drive, which is a very, very nice feature. 

To clean the hopper out though, is the only thing I would say. There's a lot of different screw ports on the hopper that you're gonna need to take apart to get this thing completely apart. So this is the Empire Halo Too. These retail for $84.95. 

Protoyz Speedster Overview

Alright Mark, onto the brand new ProToyz Speedster Loader. So this thing is brand new on the market. Before I actually hop into this, let me say one thing. This Halo holds 180, 68 caliber paintballs, 180, Halo Too.

[Mark] 180.

Onto the Speedster, which is now these things retail at $64.95 bucks. You can already see on the camera a quick little profile view of Speedster versus the Halo Too. Let's pull this bad boy off the stand and actually get a look on the inside. Pop the lid. First things first for $64.95, unfortunately right now on the market, this thing is not speed feed compatible, but I'm sure someone is probably going to 3D print one or Protoyz is gonna come out with one themselves. So currently as it sits it is not speed feed compatible.

[Mark] Who makes Protoyz just so people know?

Protoyz, who makes them, that's going to be Planet Eclipse, Mark.

[Mark] Nice.

So back here in the hopper to actually get this open since this one is completely tool-less, unlike the Halo Too, both great hoppers, but this one doesn't have any screws to hold it together. There's going to be a latch right in the back, Mark. You're gonna pull the latch towards the top and then there's a lever on the inside I think, or no, towards the bottom, is it top, I think it's a top. I want to say, give me just one second.

[Mark] No worries, we'll wait.

We'll be here. It is towards the bottom. So when this latch goes up towards the top, it locks it in. You can't, you don't have access to pushing this back button here to actually get it off. Slide the inner, I mean with the lid, I don't know if you can actually get in there.

[Mark] Yeah you can see it.

Speedster Hopper Mechanics

Okay, so slide that down. So now that goes down and then this button will push forward right there and then you'll be able to take the hopper apart completely tool-less. So this hopper also operates off of four double A batteries. Four, not three. Push this button here, Mark, front button. When you're tilting the hopper forward, you push that and you have access to take the tray out. So let me just set that off to the side. So once you push this front button, you'll have access to pulling the tray completely out. Access to the inside and the bottom. 

Okay, so a couple of cool things about the new Speedster loader here. It is 50 cal compatible. So right now it's set up for 68 caliber paintballs. If you guys wanted to do the 50 cal, it does come with the inside of the box, a little 50 cal adapter, Mark. So you click that in place. It's still brand new in the bag, but comes with an adapter. That's going to click into place right at the bottom of here. And now you can shoot 50 cal paintballs instead of 68 caliber paintballs. So, which is, you know, pretty freaking cool in my opinion. So depending on what game style you're playing.

[Mark] Can I use that adapter to shoot 58 cal through my diam three? Would that replace my eye pipe?

No, no it will not. No, it definitely will not. So it's compatible with that. This hopper is rated at 10 plus paintballs per second, which you guys have seen in a previous video or depending on when it comes out, we do an overview and shooting of this hopper as well. So it's pretty much based off the agitator system here. These constantly spin, unless the eyes don't, well, they spin when the eye doesn't see a paintball in the breach. 

So this is pretty much an eye sensor hopper here. So anytime it sees a paintball on the breach, it stops spinning. When it doesn't see a paintball, the agitator is going to spin. So let's put this back together and as you guys can see it does have the four double A's right up here up front to actually power the hopper itself. And here is the motor right in the back area as well. So let's pop this bad boy back in Mark and take a look at how and why people are like, what do you mean it's eye sensored? So I'm gonna turn it on. Spins at first and then it slowly pulses. Okay, so let me, I put my pinky in there. If it senses a paintball, it stops; pulling the pinky out, it's gonna spin again.

[Mark] So it's got like a slide in there. Is that what I'm seeing too? Like for the balls to feed?

Yes, exactly. So it's got a ramp from the front and kind of a ramp downward. So all the paint goes into the center of the hopper to give you the fastest feed possible. Like I said, pinky going back in Mark, as if it was a paintball, stops, as soon as I pull it out, it starts to spin again. So it's got an eye sensor in there and then it slowly agitates.

[Mark] Cool.

So pretty cool. And it does, it does keep up with the NXL guns, which you guys will see, like I said in another video. So this is the Protoyz Speedster Hopster retailing at only $64.95 bucks. Completely tool-less, there's a ton of great features on this thing to be honest. I mean, Mark, as of right now, what questions do you have for me? What do you think?

Conclusion | Protoyz Speedster Loader vs Empire Halo Too

[Mark] I'm curious. I mean, you guys will have to check the shooting video that we already shot to see how it sits on the gun. So the profile, it's pretty interesting. You know, price point compared to the Halo, I mean, they're both bulkier hoppers. How many balls does this one hold?

This one holds 210 actually.

[Mark] So 30 more than the Halo.

Yeah, so 30 more, I mean it's a little bit bigger, but for a $65 hopper, completely tool-less, being able to keep up with all the mechanical events plus NXL rules and regulations. I mean, it's a heck of a hopper man. I think Planet Eclipse did a really, really good job with this. So, and not to mention the outside shell is called the GRN or maybe the green shell. Extremely durable. I mean you can beat this thing up and it's still gonna work for you. So, I think they did a great job with it.

[Mark] No, that's it. That's all I got.

That's it. So, alright. One last little side-by-side type comparison. You can see the actual way these things kind of match up to one another. I'm looking at the front too as well. Get a little front profile before we slide out. If you guys have already left the video, you missed it. I would say the Halo Too is a little slimmer. This one's a little bigger, but it does hold more paintballs.

[Mark]You know what's nice, I think that the front top there, the Protoyz Speedster, will be perfect for a Lone Wolf sticker.

Yeah, you can slap a perfect little round logo right up there.

[Mark] When you get them from Lone Wolf Paintball.

YouTube Question

That's it, baby. Alright, you got a question for me Mark?

[Mark] I do.

Let's hear it.

[Mark] Chance Browning wants to know what is the best barrel he can buy for his ETHA 2 that he can also use on a better gun when he upgrades?

ETHA 2 is going to be currently cocker threaded. I would definitely go with the Freak XL kit, hands down. It's going to be expensive off the rip, but you got, you're going to want to get that. So when you upgrade from your ETHA 2, you can use it on a lot of higher end auto cocker threaded guns.

[Mark] There you go. If you've got a question, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise we'll see you next time.

Take it, easy guys.