Top 5 Paintball Hoppers: Best Paintball Loaders in 2024



Paintball hoppers are a great way to upgrade your paintball gun and increase the amount of paint you can send downrange. The best paintball hoppers of 2024 have several different features such as rotors that feed the balls into the feedneck, sensors that will tell you when you’re running out of ammo and more. Some of the most advanced hoppers even have bluetooth capabilities so they can communicate with your marker. These paintball hoppers are also highly recommended for automatic paintball guns so they can keep up with the high rates of fire. Regardless of which electric paintball hopper you choose, you can expect to take your paintball game to a whole new level. Continue reading for our list of the best 5 paintball hoppers  and loaders in 2024.

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Dye LT-R

The DYE LT-R is the latest addition to DYE's lineup of paintball loaders. It utilizes proven DYE technology to deliver reliable performance and consistent, rapid feeding. The LT-R was designed to provide players with a high-quality loader at an unmatched price point. 

The loader features a simple, toolless design with a low-profile shell and a 200-ball capacity. Its patented Rotor technology combines a constant feed carousel and opposing Rotor center arm rotation to ensure smooth, jam-resistant operation. Adjustable feed tension and an anti-jam release trigger allow the LT-R to handle various paint types and conditions.

One standout feature is the LT-R's impressive battery efficiency which is powered by just 3 AA batteries and provides over 80,000 shots on a single set. The loader also offers upgrades such as color kits, quick feeds, and high-capacity tops for further customization.

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Virtue Spire IR2

The Virtue Spire IR2 is the latest high-performance paintball loader from an industry leader, Virtue and has earned a space on our list of the best paintball loaders of 2024. Known for their quality paintball electronics and aftermarket upgrades, Virtue has designed the Spire IR2 with several features requested by players.

The loader features a low-profile design that keeps it close to the player's body, providing a clear field of view. Its capacity is in line with other popular loaders, so players won't need to adjust their loadout. One of the Spire IR2's standout features is its upgraded, reliable drive system with a "jam-proof" design, achieved through a combination of factors such as its shape, materials, and paintball feeding mechanism.

The Spire IR2 was also designed for easy, toolless maintenance and cleaning. Players have reported that the loader works well even in rainy conditions, with consistent, jam-free performance. The Spire IR2 also comes equipped with a speed feeder and ramp, which are considered essential accessories by many players.

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Bunkerkings CTRL 2 Loader

The Bunkerkings CTRL 2 Paintball Loader builds upon the reliable, jam-free performance of its predecessor and is undoubtedly one of the best loaders of 2024. The updated drive system is designed to enhance off-the-break performance by replacing the drive cone with a torque-increasing drive hub, allowing players to shoot faster out of the gate and reload more efficiently with the added interior space.

The CTRL 2 features fast, reliable, and jam-proof feeding, with improved performance that is gentle on brittle paint. Its toolless design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, with a durable, glass-filled nylon construction and a simple, no-programming operation. The loader is lightweight and perfectly balanced, with multiple size capacity options and drive hub upgrades available.

The CTRL 2 seamlessly integrates with the original CTRL top shells, NTR speed feeds, and accessories like the Virtue N-Charge Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. Its proven three-eye technology ensures unrivaled reliability and speed, and the removable eye-cover allows for easy maintenance.

Recognizing the importance of cleanliness in the sport of paintball, the CTRL 2 is designed for toolless disassembly, enabling players to focus on their performance on the field by making the loader easier to maintain and clean.

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Dye Rotor R2 Hopper

The new Dye Rotor R2 builds on the company's history of innovative paintball loader technology. This loader combines simplicity with reliable, high feed rates and a unique capacity flexibility feature. Developed with input from professional players and customer feedback, the Rotor R2 represents the next advancement in loader design.

A key feature of the Rotor R2 is its patent-pending, multi-capacity shell. Users can easily switch between 200 or 260 round capacity without needing additional parts or tools. The loader also includes an intuitive quick-change lid system, allowing for seamless transitions between Dye Quickfeeds and traditional polycarbonate lids.

The R2's larger mouth opening, 15% bigger than the previous model, facilitates a more efficient and effortless loading process. Its new circuit board logic introduces a Reload Alert System, providing users with helpful feedback. The loader also incorporates electronic dynamic force control to ensure consistent, gentle power regulation of the feed mechanism.

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Virtue Spire V

The Virtue Spire V hopper represents the latest advancement in paintball loader technology. Built upon over a decade of research and development, the Spire V delivers high-end features at an accessible price point. Players familiar with the Virtue brand can easily integrate this new system.

The Spire V's redesigned electronics include infrared sensors and an accelerometer to provide real-time jam detection and feeding control. These advanced features benefit players of all skill levels, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.

The Spire V's durable hardware allows for easy, tool-less maintenance. The hinged shell opens with the push of a button, and individual components can be removed and serviced quickly. The glass-filled nylon exterior is rugged and easy to clean.

Available in a variety of colors, the Spire V includes a matching speed feed and rain lid, creating a cohesive, dynamic design. As Virtue's latest and most advanced hopper, the Spire V offers players cutting-edge technology and performance and has a well-deserved spot on our list of the best loaders of 2024.

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