Push Unite Goggle Review

Hey guys, what’s going on?. It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am going to do an in-depth review of the Push Unite goggle. So without further ado, we’re gonna dive right on into these. But, before I show you these bad boys. Don’t forget to go to LoneWolfPaintball.com. Check out our online store. Great products, great merchandise. And also, go over to the jerkyden.com, and buy some of the best lean protein in the game. Enough with the shameless plugs, let’s show you what these goggles are all about. First thing I’m gonna notice, Mark. Nice hard case. You buy a goggle that retails at 199, or 219 for the special edition “Infamous” one, it better come with a hard case. Whether you throw it in your gear bag, threw it in the back of your car after practice one day, this hard case is gonna to keep this goggle protected, it’s gonna keep the lens from being scratched, and you’re gonna want that, especially with an investment of around 200 bucks for these goggles. So it’s got a nice little carry handle here. You’re wondering, “Oh, that is a nice unique feature, “hard case, two independent zippers, “one on this side, one on this side.” You’ll notice though, the carrying handle is actually the chin strap for this goggle. So the chin strap hangs out, it’s got nice padded foam on here. So it’s your carry handle and it also acts as the chin strap. Speaking of the chin strap, let’s dive right on into this. These are, actually you can slide it left to right. So I’ll show you here. You can slide it on left to right, or, since it is a magnetic chin strap, just like that. Did you catch that, Mark? I’ll keep my fat fingers out of the way. So NXL, Europe events, they all require you guys to have a chin strap on the field, so your goggles don’t come flying off if you took a bad dive or ran into another player on the field. Magnetic, here we go. Just like that. So, super easy. It’s probably one of my favorite features about this goggle, is that magnetic chin strap. And when it’s actually on your chin, it’s nice and padded. It’s not like that “brash” just, I don’t even know. What kind of material would you say that is, Mark?

– [Mark] A seatbelt material.

– Yeah, pretty much. You don’t want a seatbelt just rubbing on you. It’s got a nice foam piece for underneath the chin to keep you safe at night.

– [Mark} That’s why most players keep their chin strap super loose, where it’s almost–

– So it’s not rubbing on their chin, exactly. All right, so guys, you can see the profile here, like I said. These are the limited edition Infamous ones, and then this is just another version of their tan camo. These goggles are awesome, they do retail anywhere from 200 to 220 bucks. And then, let’s go into some of the features. Other than the chin strap, I wanna talk about up top here. I think they classify it as a light diffuser. Pretty much the way they design these goggles, so the light’s not beaming down into there, causing a glare and you can’t really see downfield. The way they designed this top piece of the goggle. It sheds light off, still allows you to ventilate up top. Obviously, breathability with all these slots, so you’re not fogging up out there on the field. And yes, this does come with a thermal lense, we’ll get to that in just a little while. But light diffuser is very important. We did a previous video on this, many, many, months ago, when they first came out. Now they are more available. So don’t forget, go to lonewolfpaintball.com, check these out on our online store. But what I wanted to say was, since we did a previous video on these months and months and months and months ago, people, like if it’s raining or if it’s too sunny, they’ll put tape, like athletic tape or even duct tape. whatever tape they have in there bag, they’ll put tape up top here to keep either rain or sun out. If you do that when you’re breathing heavy, you’re going to keep all that fog like condensation inside of the mask, not allowing it to escape, and you’re gonna fog up the goggle. So, with these little lite diffusers here… I really like that, it’s a great feature of this goggle.

– [Mark] So wait. So those things keep the sun out, but you’re still kinda SOL with the rain?

– If you have rain or something, then you’re gonna have to figure out a visor. Which, I don’t think these goggles come with the visor. But we’ll get to that. Anyways. But yeah, it’s a super sunny day, keep your mirrored lens on. And this will definitely help you out with that design. Speaking of the top portion of the goggle. Mark, if you can get in there. Let me see if these will come out. Yeah, there it is. All right, so removable foam. And the first video we did, like I said, many months ago, we weren’t sure since they were so brand-new. Does the foam come out? We thought it did. But it’s definitely confirmed, all this foam does come out of the inside of the goggle. If it gets worn down, too sweaty, wet, messed up, you can just purchase new foam and you don’t have to worry about buying another $200 goggle. So, that just clips right on in there.

– [Joe] What’s up?

– Not much, man. And Joe’s here, hi. Everyone, say hi to Joe. So anyways, other than the foam clipping in and out, let’s talk about the next feature. Mark, what do you think? You wanna talk about that nose piece?

– [Mark] what’s about the nose?

– It does come with stock in here. Hold on one second. Lemme just get this clipped back in, just like that. It does come, in the case, with. I’m gonna pull it out. Little cloth to clean your lens. Nice little microfiber style. A little bit sleeker actually. But, it does come with this.

– I’m not sticking that up my nose.

– No, you don’t put it in your nose. You put it. See that hole right there?

– [Mark] I do.

– This is one of the only goggles on the market that’s fully custom that can fit your face. If you’ve got a fat head, you got a skinny head, long nose, short nose.

– [Mark] What if you have no nose?

– I don’t know, I never thought of that one. It’s possible, yikes. Anyways, guys, it’s fully customizable. You use this little tool, get in there. You can adjust the actual nose piece on the inside of the goggle that can pivot in or out, right on the inside. Coming through here with the tool that they give ya, you can adjust it to your preference of. Obviously, everyone’s face is different. Like I said, big face, long face, big nose, small nose, who knows? Who nose? You got a tool, you can adjust it on the goggle itself. Next thing I wanna go over. So we did the magnetic chinstrap. We did, you can adjust the nose piece custom to fit your face however you want it. We did the removable foam. So if that gets trashed, blah-blah-blah, you can change it out easily. Strap is very, very nice. It obviously, mostly, like the JT straps, it does have the silicone padding on the back side, so it’s not slipping and moving around on the back of your sweaty head when you’re out there playing. It does have the silicone tacking on the back. I wanna talk about the actual structure of the goggle itself. Flexible, very flexible. Take a couple of bounces, still be in the game. Biggest part for me is, when you put this goggle on your face, this is super flexible. A lot of the goggles out there, it’s hard. If you actually put the goggle on, this piece is all pressed up and it’s hard and awkward. With these goggles, it’s not. Super soft, it molds to the side of your face, you don’t have a hard piece of plastic digging into your chin or your ear. I really like that feature about these goggles. So lastly, what I’m going to do, I’m gonna look like an idiot on camera, guys. But I’m gonna show you how to change the lens. Like I said, I went over all the other biggest features of this goggle. How to change the lens, a lot of people wanna know, you’re looking at the inside. Mark, you’re gonna have to get a real, real good one. Looking at the inside and I’m kinda thinking, man, when I want to put a sweet lens in here, I don’t know how to change it. Let’s set this stuff off to the side.

– [Mark] What could be sweeter than a mirrored lens?

– A clear lens if it’s dark outside, I don’t know? Or your lens got all scratched up? It shouldn’t have, ’cause it should’ve been in your hard case. So anyways, this has a secondary retainer clip, this gray piece right here. You have to pop this up and out first. I know, Mark, I know it’s gonna be hard on camera. So you pop that piece out, swivels back towards you. Good to go. Next step you’re gonna go on the inside. This is the primary retainer clip. You’re gonna wanna push forward. So push it towards you. Since these are brand-new, it’s obviously a little hard pushing it towards you. And then this piece will come out. So now we’ll show you, on camera. First off, you peel this gray piece back, and that’s gonna allow you to get to the primary retainer clip. You’re gonna push that clip towards the inside of the goggle. You’ll see the opening here, that will pop out. Do the same thing on the other side. Pop the gray clip out first. That’s a secondary clip. And then, that will allow you to reach the primary clip that’s on the inside, push it forward towards the inside of the goggle, that’ll pop out. So now, push here, push, push goggles, push, push, give a little push. And then, boom, goggle comes out. Or no, the lens comes out of the goggle. Lastly, before I close this video, I obviously need to put it back in. Repeat the steps backwards, you got that.

– [Mark] You’re not gonna show us?

– No, there’s no need. I wanna talk about the lens. They sell separately. Clear lenses and HD lenses retail about 45 bucks. Currently, I would say that this is the only goggle on the market that sells in a nice, very nice cardboard packaging. No, that’s not it. Everyone else can use some nice cardboard. Neoprene case, guys. This lens, it’s an HD lens. These lenses come with a neoprene case. So what other lens did you buy in the market, other than just laying in a piece of plastic, that comes with a nice neoprene case to keep that lens protected? these retail around 45 bucks. Which, most lenses on the market, anywhere from 30 to $50. So it’s not bad and it does come with a neoprene case to keep that lens protected.

– [Mark] All right, I’m not that smart. Is neoprene hard or soft?

– It’s soft. Very, very soft.

– Okay.

– Yep, so it’s super soft. It’s like a microfiber on steroids, Mark. Very nice, keep it safe. It’s even got some padding to it as well. So you buy these. Literally they retail and sell just like this. HD clear, 45 bucks. Any of the super fancy mirrored stuff, I think they’re 55. But like I said, it does come with the case, so that’s awesome. So, guys, once again, this was just a really… It wasn’t really quick, actually. It was an overall review of what I personally think of the Push goggle. Standards retail at 199.95, available at Lone Wolf Paintball. Special edition’s right around 215 to 220, also available at lonewolfpaintball.com. Check out the online store. Put in the comments below how you guys feel about the new Push goggle, all the features, with the nose piece that you can adjust to your customized face preference, the removable foam, the nice padded tacking on the strap, and then overall, that magnetic chinstrap, Mark? That magnetic chin strap, very nice. And then the hard case, obviously. This has got some goodies. I mean, this thing is pretty durable. Push Paintball, guys, check them out. Go to our online store, Jerky Den. All the fame, all the shameless plugs. What else you got, Mark?

– [Mark] Be sure to stick around for the show after the show. Go over to patreon.com/LoneWolfPB.

– And you’ll get to see me try to finagle how to get that lens back in there the correct way.

– [Mark] And we’re gonna talk about a few other things about it.

– Okay.

– [Mark] See ya.