Push Unite Basic Goggle vs Push Unite Paintball Mask Comparison

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm gonna do a quick overview of the new Push Unite basic google. All right, before I jump into it, obviously you know the deal already. Hit up our website and you can shop all of these items that we have, plus tons and tons of other options. Then head of over to the Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game.

Today, we’re doing an overview of the Push Unite Basic. You guys might be wondering, well is there a big difference? Why is it in a cardboard box, and not in a nice hard shell like over here? So, let's dive into it. Push Unite Basic, black google comes with a clear lens. I’ll pull it out of, once again, the cardboard box here, and we shall see that it comes with the goggle itself. And then a little goody bag here. So, first let's look at the google and then I’m gonna go into the goody bag. I'm gonna kind of compare it real quick to the other google and the stuff that it comes with, and then the lenses. So google itself...

[Mark] So that's the Push Unite Basic?


What's the other one called, just the Push Unite?

This is just the standard Push Unite that comes in the hard case. Mark, you're ruining it for me.

[Mark] I just wanted to make sure the terminology was right, so I knew.

Push Unite Basic

Okay, correct. Push Unite Basic, they're calling it the basic due to the fact it does not come in a hard case. It does not come with the magnetic chin strap. And digging into here, we'll get into it. So basic goggle, if you guys haven't heard of the Push Unite, known for the silicone style molding, extremely comfortable, also very well known for the lens, the field of vision with the lens. Also known for up top here, allowing some light not to come in and blind you during play. And the adjustable nose piece. So, let's dive into the basic goggle here. It does not come with a magnetic chin strap, but it's gonna save you about $40 or so, but it does not come with a magnetic chin strap like this one does here, which I'll show you in a minute. It does not come with a smoked, or one of the tinted lenses that some of the other goggles do come with. And it does not come with the fancy tool that the original Unite comes with. Pretty much same goggle, just missing 

  • the magnetic chin strap 
  • the fancy tool to adjust the nose bridge
  • and then the fancy case

So pretty much missing three components of the more expensive version of the goggle. So, goggle in the box comes with your little goody bag here. You pull it out, you've got a goggle bag here, which once again is not a hard case to keep it protected. You have a fancy little microfiber type... Not microfiber, I don't even know what they technically call that. You buy a fancy sunglass case, it comes with a nice cloth on the inside to keep the lens nice and wiped down.

[Mark] It's still a microfiber.

Is it a microfiber? Okay it's not as thick, it's very thin, it's fancy. Speaking of being fancy, the inside of any of the Push Unite goggles, they are Italian made anti fog inside of the lens. If you guys didn't know, now you know that. So, Push is a little fancy, that's why they're more expensive. These goggles, the basics, these things retail at $159. You can pick up something like this, this is I think their tan camo. This one retails at $199. So you're at a $40 difference. This one comes with the hard case, and then in a minute, I'll show you the tool that it comes with instead of a basic Allen wrench that just comes with the Push Unite Basic to adjust the nose piece. You could bring it out further, or bring it in closer, whatever fits your face profile better. So it does come with just a very basic Allen wrench, and this little goody bag here. Best thing about the Push Unite Basic Goggle which they proclaim, obviously the nose bridge, the way you can adjust it, and then 16 ventilation areas for you guys for breathability, for anti fog, and then also for communication on the field. Your other players can heard you better, and you're not getting that echo throughout the goggle when you're yelling out other bunker calls, positions, stuff like that. So, this is the Push Unite Basic, once again retailing at $159, coming in just a standard box, and then not all the other goodies per se, that it would. 

Push Unite Paintball Mask

So this, if you bought a normal Push goggle. Mark, you're gonna get the very nice hard case. It's gonna come already with some sort of tinted lens, depending on which goggle you purchase. They have tons of different options, and we'll go over that next with the lens stuff. So that, and also it's got the infamous magnetic chin strap. Just one click of a button, and this bad boy is rocking. Just like that boom. So that, and then lastly the tool that this thing comes with. Now you've got a fancy Push Unite tool to adjust the nose bridge, instead of just your standard Allen wrench that I just showed you. So, it's got a couple different other options when you're spending more money. But, if you say I don't really need to keep it fancy, I already have a goggle case. I don't need some fancy tool for the nose bridge piece. Save your money and get the Push Unite Basic, and then you can also swap out different lenses, and stuff like that.

What do the lenses retail for?

So lenses, any of these lenses that you guys can take a look at here on the table, anywhere from $55 to $65. Over here you've got a chrome blue. So you've got a chrome blue there. I think these ones are about the $65 range. Then you've got a chrome red here. So they've tons and tons of different lens options. Over here it's a really cool one, it's called a gradient yellow. It kind of goes from a dark to light...

[Mark] Keep it over the white. It shows up really well over that.

Over here? Okay. So it goes over, starts dark and kind of goes into more vibrant colors down below. And then you've got your chrome gold over here. So you can see that. And anywhere like I said depending, they've probably got 10 to 15 different lens options, anywhere from $55 to $65. That are obviously all compatible with the basic goggle that you might be purchasing.

[Mark] And wait, if you go to Lone Wolf’s website right now, we have photos of all the lenses, and all the black masks.


So, you can sit and see what it really looks like in that mask.

Very true. Mark had to plug it because he worked extremely hard on it.


He spent days and days of putting each lens, and taking them out, and making sure you guys know exactly what product you guys wanna buy.

Push Paintball Mask Quick Review

So, quick overview of the Push Unite Basic, $159.95, available on our website. It doesn't come with the hard fancy case, doesn't come with the fancy Allen wrench tool, and it does not come with the magnetic chin strap, but it's one heck of a goggle, still for the most part has the same components as the original Push Unite. So guys, visit our website, thanks for watching. And like Mark said, check out all the photos on our website, with these lenses actually installed, so you know exactly what you're buying.

Question from our Audience

And I know Mark's looking behind the camera, he's got a question for me. So I'll just wait for that.

[Mark] Sorry.

No worries I'll just here.

[Mark] Okay so we just put out a week ago or so... Was it the Ultra Shocker that we put out?


[Mark] Rice wants to know, can we get everything without the ANO. So can we buy a standard shocker with the CBO frame?


[Mark] We don't sell them?

We don't. No it was a one time run of guns, so whatever it comes with, it is what it is. I know he's got a couple raw guns left, but he plans anodizing every single one. If you wanted a custom ano or something, maybe shoot us a message, and I can kind of work something out.

[Mark] Yeah but I can go online and buy the Shocker XL.

You can buy the XLS, you can buy a CBO frame, you can not buy the inserts separately, you have to buy the entire kit. So, you gotta put a lot of pieces together that's still gonna cost you a ton of money.

[Mark] You gotta reassemble it yourself.

Correct exactly. All right, good question though I like it. Thanks for watching guys.

See you.