Best Paintball Masks in 2022

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today we are talking goggles, the best of the best.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: Whooh, best source of paintball is So before we jump on into this, head on over to, use our code LWP10 and check out to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. Enough with the fluff, Mark. We are talking goggles. So roughly sample size of over 50-ish players, we went to one of our local fields and we asked, A, what goggle are you using and what is the best feature about that goggle? So today, we've got about six different goggles on the table. You got Push, you've got an i5 by Dye, you've got the V-Force Grill, you've got the Empire EVS, you've got the classic Flex, and then here is the Carbon Goggle. So we're gonna pick a category for each and every single one. Like I said, good sample size of the players out there. Obviously, they're playing every weekend so they know what they're talking about. Most importantly though, if you don't agree with this video, put in the comments down below what you guys think the best feature of each goggle is. So first off, let's start... No, we're gonna start over here, Mark. We'll save this bad boy for the end, okay? Alright, we're gonna start with Carbon.

Tony: So Carbon, as I know it, the players at the field and some of the customers we have asked, voted Carbon the easiest goggle to change the lens on. I do have a full review on this goggle and also a video on how to change the lens on it. It's so quick. It's only about less than two minutes on probably. That's for the Carbon Goggles here. Simply pull the tab, twist and turn and you're out. It's got a nice little magnetic clip. I would say, if you know what you're doing, you could have a new lens in this goggle in less than a minute guaranteed, 100%. Twist and turn and you will do the same thing on the other side, and you're ready to rock.

Mark: The E-Flex was close guys, but it had that little thing you gotta pull out and then the other part pops out, but this hands down.

Tony: Yeah, hands down, Carbon, you literally pull the tab, twist and turn and you're out, do the same with the other side, new lens slides right on in. Super, super easy. Like I said, check the video out on it. It's not very long. So simple. So Carbon, congratulations, you win the easiest goggle to change a lens on, hands down. Like Mark said, the other one was close, but not quite as easy. Now we're on to the Flex. We are talking customization here. This one is the limited Brimstone one. If you want a different frame, you can do that. You can pull the bottoms down. If you wanna change your bottoms, you can easily do that with these pins that easily pop out, two here, two there. If you wanna put a different visor on, you can. If you wanna change soft ears, hard ears, you can also do that. You wanna change your strap, you can do that too. So the Pro Flex, our opinion and tons of the customers out there, the most customizable goggle on the market. Frames, bottom skirts, ears, straps, visors, you name... Lenses, the lens is, good Lord, for days. So very, very customizable.

Mark: And because it's the platform that hasn't changed in decades now...

Tony: Correct.

Mark: There are so many options available. Old stuff matches on the new stuff. I've seen some crazy stuff at the field.

Tony: Yeah, obviously, if you guys are Flex fans, they have a Pro Flex show off and build page. The possibilities are endless. So most customizable is going to the Flex. Next up, this is probably one of Mark's favorite. When Mark plays, he wears glasses. I'm sure he's got contacts too, but he's out there playing, glasses. The Empire EVS, a huge field of vision, not to mention the inside though. If you guys are a player that wears glasses, would highly recommend the Empire EVS. So this one's gonna be voted most comfortable with glasses on your face.

Mark: And we did a full video on that guys. Go find it where I wore my glasses and I put on, I think 12 or 13 different goggles, to see which grabbed the frames, which ones squished my face more or less. Hopefully that helps, but this was hands down the most comfortable because it gave the most room for my glasses to be on my face.

Tony: And a lot of players out there obviously are wearing glasses, if you're not wearing contacts, and yes, you would wanna try that goggle. It's a nice one. Onto the V-Force Grill, this one might take you by surprise. We're gonna call this one the most stylish/AG points. So this is a mean-looking goggle. Obviously, it comes in tons of different special and limited edition prints along with all solid colors and then lenses as well. Tons of different lens options, the thermal lens. But it just looks mean, Mark. It's kinda got like that... I don't know, maybe skeleton. Just looks... What would you say? It just looks mean.

Mark: Yeah, it's got more sharp lines. Like everybody else's chin is that nice rounded. This comes to little points like almost fangs or...

Tony: Exactly. Just a little scary out there. So a lot of players, if they're wearing something, wanna be looking mean and kinda scary, they chose the V-Force Grill. Let's go to the Dye i5. This one has no surprise. If you guys know anything about the Dye i5, voted the best strap on the market. Right now, I don't think there is any other goggle, correct me, I know you deal with a lot of goggles, Mark, that comes with the legendary ratchet strap.

Mark: I4 Pro is the only other one that I know of.

Tony: Okay. So the same Dye family. The i4 Pro comes with this beautiful righty-tighty, lefty-loosey nice turning style ratchet strap, super soft comfortable pad in the back as well. So yeah, pretty much the only other goggle other than it's little baby brother that comes with that beautiful and nice ratchet strap. So super, super comfortable. Best strap on the market, it is the Dye i5. And lastly...

Mark: Wait. And some people considered it the best for media because you can have that camera mount.

Tony: Oh, yeah. That is true. It does also come with a brand new GoPro camera mount. It will either replace the jewel on the right or the jewel on the left. If you wanna have a nice GoPro, some personal game footage on the field. So best strap and best multimedia goggle out there is the Dye i5. And like I said, put down in the comments below if you disagree with any of that, that is completely fine. It is all personal preference, and let us know what... Did we nail some of them? Did we not nail? Is there any other goggles out there that you guys prefer?

Mark: My favorite is the comments that start with, "You guys are stupid."

Tony: Correct. Yes, please put that in the comments below, "You guys are stupid," and then explain why. We love to see that. Lastly, the best overall goggle, we're talking case, we're talking adjustability, and then also some more customizational options, it is the Push Unite. What goggle out there, other than the Carbon... It comes in a nice case. This is how you buy it, but it's not hard. The Push goggle, very, very hard. I know a lot of players that use these and have had them for years, and this case is not gonna give up on you. Pop this bad boy out, other than the hard case...

Mark: You know what's nice about that hard case too, real quick? It doesn't really add anything to the profile when you throw it in your bag.

Tony: Not at all, no.

Mark: Whereas the Carbon, and if you buy an aftermarket Exalt or HK case...

Tony: They're bigger for sure.

Mark: They're bigger. There's extra puffiness to it. Yes, you can store stuff, but they take up more room.

Tony: Yeah, this case literally fits to the exact profile of that goggle, so it's... You're not taking up any extra space. Onwards with the best all-around, the foam is super, super great. It's got that new nice dual layer foam and it's super, super soft. You can take that out and replace it. It's got that adjustable nose piece here, comes with a tool in that hard case, bigger nose, smaller nose. You can put your tool in and adjust that once you find the right sweet spot in there. Lenses, tons of options for lenses, and even this too, you can do different side pieces, different straps, it's got the nice also different color of magnetic chin straps as well. So comfortability, customizing, a nice hard case, you can adjust it. So Push...

Mark: Got an easy lens change.

Tony: Yes, that as well. So best all around collecting features is gonna be the Push. Yes, it's more expensive, but Push is gonna take it. We want your opinions in the comments down below. Before we close this out, Mark, did I miss anything?

Mark: Any honorable mentions that...

Tony: Honorable mentions, we thought about... 'Cause a couple of players out there at the field did mention the Virtue VIO Contour II, so they said super soft foam. The Dye...

Mark: And that had a good back pad too on the strap...

Tony: Yeah, did have a nice pad. The Dye i5 has super soft foam as well, so does the EVS. So honorable mention, the Contour II does have very nice soft foam, but this is what we've got a good collection on here up on the table. If we missed anything...

Mark: Oh, yeah, one more topic we didn't even think about. We didn't even ask, so I'm just gonna get your opinion. Who's got the easiest foam to replace? I know what I'm thinking offhand and we didn't bring one out.

Tony: The easiest foam to replace? How many...

Mark: 'Cause the Grillz 2.0 have really easy foam to replace.

Tony: Oh, yeah. That's pretty good. And I was gonna say the EVS too, is in... These just kinda... Yeah, the EVS too, you can place that... Grillz 2.0, yeah, that's not a bad one. Yeah, the easiest foam to replace. We'll get a nice sample next time. We're gonna do it again. Put in the comments down below guys what you think, if we missed any key categories that you guys wanna see. As always, available at

Mark: Bye.