Freak XL Barrel Comparison Features and Who's the Lightest Weight

Tony: What is going on guys it is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball today we are talking barrels that take the freak XL 8-inch insert.

Mark: And why 'cause who's the best source for Paintball?

Tony: That would be us, that is Mark, so today you know I said the freak XL 8-inch insert 'cause that's that's kind of what it's known for we're going to run through uh your freak XL tips with the back your all-American tip with the back your ACP tip with the back, Silencio carbon SS8 and the deadly winds fiber X8 we're going to run them down talk about them quickly and then put them on the scale to see which one is the lightest. So first off any of these barrels that you see up here can either take the stainless inserts which are definitely heavier than the aluminum inserts but both 8-inch inserts aluminum and stainless and their weight difference wise about a 50-gram weight difference with the inserts obviously the stainless steel insert being heavier than the aluminum insert, yeah.

Mark: So we weighed the stainless came in about 72, 73 grams and the aluminum were about 22 grams. There's a slight difference guys on the thicker insert versus the thinner one based on the bore, so that's why we're not weighing them with the inserts because it's what you're running and what size and we don't know that we can control which barrel.

Tony: A lot of players yeah, we're going to be weighing each of these different barrels without the inserts depending on like Mark just said if you're running aluminum or you're running stainless so we're running them without any inserts inside. Let's talk about price we're gonna start over here on my left what's gonna be your right you got the freak XL the back with the standard freak XL tip on there this is just going to be a little different porting there's a lot of holes in the actual barrel itself that's going to allow some decent airflow and decompression on the way out with the ball so first off freak XL there's literally no insert inside we're gonna throw this bad boy on the scale and see what it weighs, grams. So we are looking at 115 grams freak XL standard tip no spiral 115 grams.

Tony: Next up I'm gonna tear the scale talk about the spiral. This is the all-American spiral also a freak XL barrel tip and back a lot of people like the spiral I don't know if it's just the the way the sound signature the ball comes out of the gun but it's to me it looks cooler than just a straight porting but we we shall see obviously all these barrels are available on the website that is So it's got the nice all-American spiral a little old-school throwback there. Let's tear the scale and see what this says in grams. So we're looking at 122 grams so there must be a little bit more taken out of the standard tip Mark there seems like there's definitely more porting holes and the standard obviously compared to the spiral. So that's probably why it weighs a little bit more.

Mark: Well, and the spiral one is smooth like it's it's a real circle where the Americans or the straight I'm sorry has like an indention on the side you know like if you feel the the contour like if you go around.

Tony: Oh, I see yeah I see what you're talking about, yes.

Mark: So I don't know if that's cutting into a little bit of the weight too.

Tony: Probably as well taking some out of the aluminum weight on there for sure, so even price though we're looking at about 125 bucks for these two it's coming with an insert though it's not it's not without an insert. We're weighing them without an insert this gets confusing, but you can buy these barrels right here 125 bucks it will come with one insert. Okay on to the next one another freak XL barrel this is the ACP tip has 16 integrated grooves on the inside to help with any dirt mud water and paint so you can shoot it out smoothly without even squeegeeing all conditions performance I believe is what ACP stands for so this is the ACP tip we're going to throw that on the scale and see what that weighs in grams.

Mark: And we have done a test video with that thing and we've seen plenty of guys shoot them full of mud and broken paint.

Tony: So with the ACP it's looking like 125 grams, Mark.

Mark: Correct.

Tony: Okay. So that's gonna be the heaviest so far.

Mark: Yep.

Tony: So it looks like yeah 'cause there's definitely some bulkiness, yeah there's full review videos on the channel already of the ACP. We put it through some torture testing and saw of a lot of the pro guys out there highly recommend the ACP it's great, but it's a little heavier, note the only reason we are doing this video 'cause a lot of you players out there want to know what's the lightest. Does the carbon fiber really make a difference? Is it quieter when the actual paintball is being shot? We'll find out. Next up.

Mark: We're not doing any shooting video with these.

Tony: No we've already done them before. We've done them before. You can go check out those other videos. Silencio by Infamous. So we're going to throw this bad boy on the scale first off talk about a little bit super lightweight. It's got some very nice cutouts here. I think Silencio by Infamous is is known for their linear porting shoots really, really well in crappy conditions especially the rain a lot of players out there that are playing tournaments in the rain you're not going to escape it they're probably not going to shut the event down, so I would highly recommend this linear porting by this Silence by Infamous. Yeah it's a very nice product. Let's turn on the scale on and see what it weighs though without an insert. We are looking at 116. All right 116. It's pretty light.

Mark: Yeah it's the second lightest so far.

Tony: All right. So next up we're going to talk about the Carbon Paintball the SS8 Barrel. Once again all of these barrels are showing you take the 8-inch inserts, so this is the carbon SS8. I really like it because they have the back of this Mark here, this just separate back piece is very light and it's like carbon-infused strands so it's... Would you say it's plastic but carbon infused to make it stronger?

Mark: Yeah, I mean...

Tony: Composite maybe.

Mark: I'm not a scientist enough to know if it's like a true plastic it feels plastic-e but it's got all the extra strength and rigidity ooh that's a good word, if I could pronounce it of having the extra carbon in there they claim you can you know core sample with this thing and it ain't going to break.

Tony: Super strong yeah carbon makes great products, so let's throw this bad boy on the scale I like it how they've also got to make their barrel lighter all of these cuts in throughout the actual front tip and like Mark was just talking about the extra strands put into the back you can tell this barrel is definitely light. So that's is what a lot of people want to see is how much lighter the carbon is compared to carbon fiber compared to aluminum. Aluminum tip pretty much a carbon fiber back. Let's throw it on the scale and see. Does that say 77?

Mark: 77.

Tony: Read that backwards. 77, 78, all right. So super, super light. That is the carbon SS8 without an insert, once again. All right. Onto the Deadlywind's Fibur-X8. A lot of people, like I said, the lightness of the barrel, they can get off the box quicker, off the brake quicker. And a lot of people say that the sound... They're quieter. I don't know if they're quieter, but they're definitely lighter. So this is the Fibur-X8 by Deadlywind.

Mark: I'm trying to see, is there porting in the barrel?

Tony: Yeah. Oh yeah. There's porting up near...

Mark: There it is, okay.

Tony: Up near this way, near the front of the tip. So let's throw this on the scale. And while I do that, I mentioned most of these barrels are anywhere from 14 to 14 and a half inches long total. 60?

Mark: Yep.

Tony: Wow. So...

Mark: That's a light barrel.

Tony: For people out there that really wanted to know are carbon fiber barrels lighter? 100%. I mean, obviously sometimes scales may be off a little bit, but they're not off by that much I can promise you that.

Mark: It's like half the weight of the all aluminum...

Tony: Yeah. Yeah. But also people are like, "What happens if that barrel snaps?" No, carbon fiber's pretty strong. Your air tank... Most air tanks are carbon fiber wrapped. That's holding a lot of pressure. So carbon fiber is a very strong material. So yeah, carbon. The carbon barrels are definitely the lightest, I would say.

Mark: And if you're core sampling enough that it's an issue you have to worry about in your barrel.

Tony: You should probably get a new technique, or.

Mark: Yeah. Learn to dive properly.

Tony: Yeah, for sure. Mark, would you like to talk any more about our display of, eight inch XL barrels here?

Mark: I am curious, what is your barrel of choice? Which one do you prefer, because I have my favorite.

Tony: [chuckle] That's a good one. So much for me, it's not about the weight. I mean, you can definitely handle the weight, even though the carbon fiber barrels are very, lighter. I would probably go with an all conditioned barrel. Either the Silencio or the ACP, because sometimes in paintball, more often than not, you're playing in crappy conditions and you don't want to pull that squeegee out every single time. So do I have to pick one or can I pick two?

Mark: You can pick two I guess. It's your channel.

Tony: I'm going to go with the Freak XL ACP. And I'm gonna go with the Silencio. You're playing in the mud, in the water and stuff. Those are definitely that's where I'm gonna go. Where are you going?

Mark: I was an ACP guy just because, same reason. I'm too lazy. Sometimes I forget my swab and I like to know that I can just shoot through it eventually.

Tony: Correct. Yeah. If you forget your swab, you lost it, you don't want to bust it out. It's a crappy day, which happens more often than not.

Mark: I Rock a nine pound Autococker. So the 50 grams I'm going to save isn't going to like...

Tony: Exactly. Yeah. I mean, if you're a snake player, do constant snapshot battles these carbon and the Deadlywind. I mean they're super, super light as you could see by the scale. But until next time, figure it out for yourselves whether you're rocking aluminum inserts, stainless steel, but if you need to find them, shop

Mark: Bye, bye.