Carbon IC SS8 Barrel Overview

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball today, we are talking carbon paintball IC SS8 Barrels.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: That would be us, that's Hoo boy, carbon. First off, Mark, we're gonna talk about their packaging, but before we do that, head on over to, use our code LWP10 to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. So the carbon train, it is real and it is definitely hype between their soft goods, obviously the pants packs, and now their barrels like this is some good quality stuff, packaging-wise, it's not important to many, but to put that much time and effort into it, so you're gonna get either one of these beautiful barrels, you got blue camo, red camo, olive camo, silver, and black, and it's gonna come in a very hard and sturdy packaging, just like this. These sleeves, they slide in and out, so you got your tip and then you're back, so very... I mean, they're putting details into everything and even including the packaging, so we'll set that off to the side.

Mark: So how much is one of these barrels with that incredible packaging?


Tony: It is... They retail 134.95. And it doesn't matter what color you get. Which one do you wanna see here, Mark? It's gonna show up best in this black shirt background.

Mark: Either the silver or one of the red or blues.

Tony: Okay, we'll go silver.

Mark: Alright. Then just slide the rest out of the way.

Tony: Yeah. Correct, I'll slide it off over here.

Mark: Thank you sir. You so kind.

Tony: Gotcha. Here we go. So these are these barrels. Yeah, the SS8, they're 14.4 inches, almost 14 and half from stem to stern, per se. Whatever you wanna call it. Best part about these, it's a two-piece barrel, extremely light weight, since the back of this barrel is carbon-infused, carbon fiber infused, so the total barrel weight is 3.4 ounces, so I do like that. If you wanna get a little close-up on that and even... Yeah, IC injected. So on the rubber piece, you probably won't be able to read it, black on black here, but... So they've got a nice rubber sleeve in the back, the actual back of this is very, very, very light. It does take the 8 inch stainless steel inserts. Well, it can take aluminum ones as well. We'll get to that in just a minute but take a look at that. So these are the 8 inch inserts. It comes with a 689 bore size coming right out of the package, and then you've got your nice tip here, I like how they have their own cuts and design in there, definitely a little kind of spicing it up compared to other barrels on the market, and then you've got your straight porting through the barrel as well, so...

Tony: Very, very nice barrel. So, like I said, their 8 inch stainless steel inserts comes this super, super fancy looking, it's made out of a surgical grade stainless steel. I do like that. We're gonna set that down though, just to show you, this is the most important part to me, other than the barrel being very light weight, and it's gonna be an extremely accurate barrel to put on your marker, it can also take the freak XL inserts. So we've got the aluminum ones here, we're gonna make sure these fit 'cause carbon says they do. So we're gonna slide the insert into the back 8 inch and we're gonna put this bag going on, so this is the aluminum going in there, so this is if you currently are a freak XL 8 inch insert owner. This is going to fit this new carbon, 135 bucks, would highly, highly recommend, carbon definitely knows what they're doing, and then we're gonna take the non stainless steel carbon branded insert, set that off to the side and grab one from the freak XL kit over here, there, their personal freak XL inserts, slide that on just to make sure there's no hocus pocus going on here.

Mark: That barrel is super, super light, it's almost hard to describe how light weight that barrel feels.

Tony: Yeah, I think it has a lot to do with that carbon injected back piece, obviously, it's got the aluminum front tip, but this back piece is very, very light and it's supposed to be extremely durable, so a lot of people might get a hold of it and be like, "Oh man, is that gonna... If I took a bad dive, is that gonna snap" with the carbon injection, like the fibers that are in there, apparently it's gonna be extremely strong for you, we kinda did a little test with it out back and it definitely holds up to... Holds up to the hype. So yeah, this is just... It's just a quick little video on the carbon SS8. Mark is there anything else you would really like to touch on?

Mark: Well, show me the back of the package, 'cause the back of the package is really cool too, with a lot of specs, and so...

Tony: Oh yeah, it gives you the full specs on the back of the pack, if you really, really wanna get technical with what it's made out of or what it has inside of it, it's got all of the specs on the back of the package. I mean kinda hit the most important pieces, the carbon injected back, the aluminum tip, it's almost 14 and a half inches long, extremely durable, and they're 135 bucks. If anybody knows carbon, their products aren't... I'm not gonna say cheaply priced, but they are for that price point, they are absolutely wonderful and extremely durable from their paints to their packs and all that good stuff. Mark, so before I close this out and put this barrel back together, I think we hit all the decent points on this?

Mark: We hit at all the important points. And I do like the colors. I've never seen like a red or blue camo.

Tony: Would agree.

Mark: So that adds a little flash and flare to your set up, if that's your color scheme.

Tony: And I like... Yeah, the blue and the red. And then obviously, if you're a woods-ball guy, you've got the camo, like you've mentioned. And then, hey, silver or black, those can go well with any, pretty much any marker out there, if you're not into the more flashier colors over here. Okay, guys. But until next time. It is, we are out of here. Take it easy.

Mark: Bye, bye.