Virtue V-Paragon Polarized Sunglasses


The Virtue Polished Ice Black V-Paragons are created with our subtle dual-colorway system. The taller lens shape and ergonomic stems are comfortable whilst offering additional protection from the elements. With a polished black exterior and finished with a smoke gloss interior, giving a two-tone effect that complements the Chromatic Ice lenses perfectly. The Polarized lenses are Color Neutral Chromatic Coated for unsurpassed optical clarity. The V-Paragon Sunglasses will ensure 100% UV protection with a lighter comfortable fit that exudes style, in all conditions.

Our range of Virtue Chromatic Polarized sunglasses deliver optical performance thanks to the 7 layered construction which combines all the best technological features to bring you the perfect lens. Every model in the Virtue Chromatic series have a Polarized layer, a Hard protective coating, an Oleophobic smudge free layer, a Hydrophobic water repelling coat and they come in a range of vibrant Chromatic Colors. All 7 layers are bonded with a durable PVA compound, a UV filter that blocks out 100% of harmful rays and a Polycarbonate layer for additional impact resistance.