Virtue Spire IR2 Speed Feed & Spring Ramp Combo


Virtue Spire IR2 Speed Feed & Spring Ramp Combo

Virtue, a leader in paintball electronics, has released the Spire IR2 loader, a high-performance loader with user-requested features such as programmability and toolless maintenance, a low-profile design, and a jam-proof drive system. Virtue has undoubtedly delivered! The IR2 can perform reliably, even in rain, and features key accessories like a speed feeder and ramp, making it a versatile and dependable choice for players. If you’re looking to improve your game and avoid feeding issues, slow firing rates, and difficult maintenance, the Virtue Spire IR2 may be an excellent option for you.

For a full review of all of the different features of the Virtue Spire IR2 Speed Feed & Spring Ramp Combo, take a look at our helpful YouTube Video below: 

Virtue Spire IR2 Features

Enhanced Flexibility and Speed:

The third-generation Spire drive is gentle on paintballs and has a 9-ball raceway that is geometrically fine-tuned. This ensures seamless feeding at high firing speeds without any jams.

Robust Interlocking Shell:

The enhanced shell design securely holds up during challenging dives, adding to the loader's durability.

Effortless Maintenance:

The Spire comes with a lid that requires no tools for quick speed feed changes. It also features a two-part shell that is tool-free, making disassembly, cleaning, and battery replacement simple.

Easy-to-Clean Drive:

The improved dual-material Spire drive can be effortlessly cleaned, particularly in the ball raceway, offering more durability.

Highly Efficient 9-Ball Raceway:

The 9-ball raceway combined with the 5-finger Spire IR2 drive ensures faster and more consistent feeding of even low-quality paintballs. Advanced sensors eliminate unneeded pulsing, making the loader quieter and more efficient.

Intelligent 3-Eye Feeding System:

The loader uses 3-eye technology with shielded infrared sensors to constantly monitor paintballs. Two eyes focus on the ball stack, while a third eye ensures continuous tracking between stacks, guaranteeing flawless marker performance.

Gentle on Paintballs:

The latest Spire drive is made from a blend of nylon and flexible rubber, designed to handle the most delicate paintballs. It's also lighter, less cumbersome, and above all, more durable.

Highly Durable Shells:

The Spire IR2 is built with rugged nylon shells on both the top and bottom, which securely interlock for enhanced durability.

Enhanced Battery Efficiency:

The Spire IR2 boasts superior battery life due to its intelligent feeding mechanism and optimized electronic components. Pair it with the Virtue N-Charge battery pack for even greater efficiency and ease of use.

Quick Lid and Speed Feed Change:

Easily switch between the Spire III/IV CrownSF II or Bunkerkings NTR speed feed in a matter of seconds. Cleaning or removing individual fingers is also hassle-free. The spring fingers provide an ideal mix of rapid feeding, paint retention, and long-lasting reliability.

Upgrade Compatibility:

The loader is compatible with the Virtue N-Charge rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the original Spire Spring Ramp. This allows for smooth feeding even when firing for extended periods at awkward angles.