Valken Gel Blaster Ammo - 35,000 Rounds


Valken Gel Blaster Ammo

Gel blasters offer endless backyard opportunities for unequaled fun. Kids (and adults) can spend hours playing with gel blasters enjoying friendly competition. However, gel blaster ammo can run out quickly and it can take as long as three hours to rehydrate new ammunition. 

Valken Gel Blaster Ammo is an excellent option to keep the fun going. This superior quality gel blaster ammunition is shipped in a sturdy and resealable zipper pack for convenient storage. Valken makes the gel balls in an environmentally friendly way by using hydrogel. 

Players Want to Know…

Frequently asked questions by players

What is Valken Gel Blaster Ammo Made of?

Gel blaster balls, also known as gel balls, are typically made of a water-absorbing polymer material called sodium polyacrylate. This material is often used in baby diapers and other absorbent products. When the gel ball is dry, it is small and hard. However, when soaked in water for several hours, it can absorb up to 200 times its original weight, expanding and softening into a squishy, gel-like ball. 

Is Valken Gel Blaster Ammo Safe?

When used responsibly and with proper protective gear, gel blaster ammo is generally considered safe. However, as with any activity involving projectiles, there is a risk of injury if proper precautions are not taken.

It is important to wear eye protection when using gel blasters, as the projectiles can cause eye injuries. Additionally, it is recommended to wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes to protect the skin from the impact of the projectiles.

Does Gel Blaster Ammo Hurt?

When used responsibly and with proper protective gear, gel blaster ammo is unlikely to cause significant pain or injury. However, it is still possible to experience some discomfort or pain, especially if the projectiles are fired at close range or hit sensitive areas of the body.

The sensation of being hit by a gel ball is often described as similar to a small rubber band snap or a mild bee sting. The impact may leave a small red mark on the skin, but this usually fades quickly and does not cause lasting damage.

How Much Water Do I Need for 10,000 Gel Balls?

A good rule of thumb is a quart/liter of water for every 2500 balls. So, for example, use a full gallon of water for 10,000 gel blaster balls.

Can I Use Tap Water For Gel Blaster Ammo?

Yes, any purified water can be used for gel blaster ammo. As long as the water is clean and there are no visible particles, it can be used to rehydrate gel blaster ammo.

How Can I Store Gel Blaster Ammo?

Gel blaster ammo will start to dry out after several hours, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, leaving gel balls submerged in water to keep them hydrated can lead to over hydration and overly brittle ammo that tends to break before even leaving the barrel. The best way to store gel blaster ammo is in an airtight container without any excess water.