Tippmann Vantage Beginner Package

Goggle: HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle
Tank: 48/3000 Air Tank
Hopper: 200 Round Loader

As featured on our YouTube Channel! This Beginner Paintball Package includes the following:

  • Tippmann Vantage
  • HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle
  • 48/3000 Air Tank
  • 200 Round Loader

The new Tippmann Vantage is the perfect beginner paintball marker!


  • Two Tone Overmold Design
  • In-Line Bolt System
  • Internal Gasline
  • Center Feed Design
  • Rigid, Ergonomically Designed Front Grip
  • High-Impact Composite Body
  • High Performance Ported Barrel
  • Ultra Compatible - Works With Compressed Air, HPA and CO2