Sup’Airball 2023 NXL Tournament Paintball Field

Color: Red / Black / White / Lone Wolf Logo

Sup’Airball 2023 NXL Tournament Paintball Field

Setup your own paintball field with the Sup’Airball 2023 NXL Tournament Paintball Field! This complete set of inflatable paintball bunkers will allow you to run games anywhere. Since 1996 Sup’Airball has been the leading manufacturer of inflatable paintball bunkers across the globe and is known for their durability, versatility, and standardized design. They are constructed using durable materials such as PVC or reinforced fabric, which can withstand the impact of paintballs and the rigors of intense gameplay. These bunkers are brightly colored and come with Lone Wolf Paintball’s custom design, making them highly visible on the field.

Included in this official National X-Ball League Tournament set is the following bunkers:

  • 4 - Mini Bricks
  • 2 - Mini Wings
  • 4 - Giant Wings
  • 2 - Giant Bricks
  • 6 - Snake Beams
  • 6 - Medium Doritos
  • 2 - Small Doritos
  • 4 - Mayan Temples
  • 4 - Temples
  • 4 - Cylinder
  • 4 - Trees
  • 4 - Cakes
  • 4 - Mini W

Total = 50 Bunkers


Consistency - Sup’airballs are designed to have the same sizes and shapes. This consistency allows for fair gameplay across the field with no advantages to one side or the other.

Customizable Layouts - Sup’airballs bunkers can also be laid out in a customized arrangement. This allows field owners and managers to create their own challenging layouts to add variety and excitement to the games by providing new challenges to each team. 

Safety - Sup’airballs bunkers are safe and do not hurt if and when players collide with them which inevitably happens.

Professional Standard - Finally, Sup’airball bunkers are widely used in professional tournaments and high-level paintball positions. Players and field owners can trust the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each bunker when it's made.

All sales on Airball Fields are final and the field CANNOT be returned

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by other paintballers…

What Is Sup’airball?

Sup’airball is the leading manufacturer of speedball bunks and has been since 1996 in the early days of paintball.

Can you use Sup’airball bunkers for airsoft?

Yes! Sup’airball bunkers were made for paintball, airsoft, gel blasters, water guns, bazooka ball, laser tag, and more. Sup’airball bunkers are made to last and so we encourage you to find as many uses as possible for them!

What are the different kinds of paintball bunkers?

There are many different designs for paintball bunkers. However, some of the most popular are the: can, rollie, dorito, temple x-bunker, brick, dollhouse, carwash, and snake. The varity of bunkers helps keep the gameplay varied and exciting. They’re also designed to never give advantage or favor to one team over another; for each bunker’s advantage, it has an equal and opposite disadvantage.