SP Shocker XLS


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The Shocker XLS builds on the superb performance of the RSX platform. Bringing the performance and ergonomics of the Shocker XLS to a completely new level by introducing player requested refinements and features.


  • Freak XL (color matched) with All American ported barrel tip, .687 insert, autococker threaded back.
  • XLS Optimized Performance - Increased internal volume reduces overall operating pressure to 145psi, the XLS will prove to be even smoother and quieter than previous Shockers.
  • XLS Refined Ergonomics - The extended platform offers improved ergonomics, increasing the overall length and spacing of the grip frame and regulator. Factory fit regulator grip included as standard.
  • XLS Trigger System Refinements - The reshaped trigger guard offers more space and comfort. Also, they have simplified the trigger making maintenance and adjustments easier.
  • XLS Air Source Adapter Redesign - Redesigned with player feedback, the new XLS air source adapter has been streamlined to be low profile yet user friendly.
  • XLS Upgraded Hardware - Feed tube thumb wheel included as standard. Larger hardware in frequent use areas increases hardware life.
  • Sealed Power - Improvements made to the OLED screen cover which make it more durable and increase water/debris resistance.