SP Shocker ERA Tournament Package



SP Shocker ERA Paintball Gun

The SP Shocker ERA Paintball Gun is a groundbreaking marker designed by Shocker Paintball, representing a new era of excellence in paintball. Its redesigned bolt assembly enhances efficiency and reduces ball breakage, ensuring consistent velocity and accuracy. Improved ergonomics, including a revamped front grip and regulator, enhance user experience. The double trigger system and redesigned air passageways boost durability. Equipped with the Freak XL barrel system, it offers sound signature enhancement and insert compatibility. Despite its high-end performance, it remains affordable.

SP Shocker ERA Paintball Gun Tournament Package

The SP Shocker ERA Paintball Gun Tournament Package gets you tournament ready with everything you need to maximize the power and functionality of the SP Shocker ERA. Of course, this package’s flagship feature is the SP Shocker ERA paintball gun. However, also comes with:

  • Your choice of the Ninja SL2 Pro V3 Stainless 68/4500 OR 77/4500
  • Virtue Spire V
  • Dye i5

Ninja SL2 Pro V3

The Ninja SL2 Pro V3 is an ultra-light air system, 30% lighter than typical carbon fiber tanks, and it's among the lightest DOT-approved tanks in the USA. It comes with the Ninja Ace regulator and offers options for 68 or 77 cubic inches, 4500 psi, and a 5-year hydro certification. With this tank, you can expect approximately 1350 shots per fill, depending on your marker. The capacity of this tank means that your Shocker ERA can go several rounds without needing to be refilled.

Virtue Spire V

The Virtue Spire V perfectly complements the Shocker ERA with the excellent feed rate as well as its ability to handle brittle tournament-grade paintballs. This advanced paintball hopper, like the Shocker ERA, blends high-end technology with affordability. It features fast feeding speeds, toolless maintenance, and real-time jam detection through infrared sensors and an accelerometer. It seamlessly integrates with Virtue paintball markers, making it suitable for all players. This hopper remains Virtue's fastest loader and handles fragile paintballs with ease. Its durable hardware and toolless design facilitate quick troubleshooting during gameplay, and maintenance is effortless.

Dye i5

The Dye i5 Onyx 2.0 is the cherry on top of the SP Shocker ERA tournament package and as a groundbreaking paintball mask that combines advanced technology with superior protection and comfort. It features a Tirodial Horizon 290-degree anti-fog thermal lens for exceptional clarity and peripheral vision. The GSR Pro-Strap and soft-touch multi-layer foam ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The i5 also introduces the e.VOKE unit for wireless communication with your paintball gun and loader, providing vital game information. This mask is designed for top-tier performance and therefore pairs perfectly with the Shocker ERA. It has features like Ultralite construction, anatomic fit, quick lens change, and compression-formed ears. The integration of electronics allows for audible game indicators, keeping you focused on the target.