Sconi Mechanical Shocker Trigger Shoe

Color: Black

Increase your rate of fire with the the Sconi Paintball Shocker Trigger Shoe! This is made to fit the Shocker AMP CC and the Shocker CVO Mechanical Frames (will not work with electronic frames). This kit includes 6 locking Stainless Steel setscrews 4-40 in size and will fit right on without trigger modification, but may need light Shocker trigger adjustment.


1. You will need a small standard 3/64 hex wrench to install set screws.

2. You are installing stainless steel setscrews onto an aluminum trigger so it will scar the trigger permanently underneath! DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!

3. Trigger shoe is uniform and reversible.

4. Only top 4 setscrews hold trigger shoe on trigger. Bottom 2 setscrews do not hold and can be removed or saved for replacement.