Planet Eclipse PWR Stock

The Eclipse PWR Stock is designed for quick adjustment, maximum stability and improved sighting, making it a supremely effective upgrade to your Planet Eclipse EMF100

Designed to accept HPA tanks with a max external diameter of 51mm/2", the Eclipse PWR Stock is an enhanced buttstock that combines to give both tank protection, and a fully integrated profile.

The lever operated adjustment arm allows you to quickly position the PWR Stock to any of the 11 numbered lock-in points. The ergonomically contoured shoulder grip reduces slippage to help improve accuracy.

  •     Tough light GRN construction
  •     Lever operated adjustment arm extends quickly to 11 lock-in points
  •     Positive shoulder grip reduces slippage
  •     Accepts HPA tanks up to a max diameter of 51mm/2"
  •     Eclipse Emek MG, EMG, EMF 100
  •     Emeks with EMC Kit installed.
  •     Etha 2 with EMC Kit installed.