Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Tournament Package


As featured on our YouTube Channel! Included in this Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Tournament Package is your choice of the following:

  • Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R

  • Ninja Lite 68/4500 Air Tank

  • Virtue Spire V or Virtue Spire IR2

  • Dye i5 or Virtue VIO Ascend

For players with aspirations of greatness. Of one day stepping onto the field of Champions. Performing on the biggest stage in competitive paintball. Choosing the right paintball gear is vital.

Without doubt, the most important piece of kit is the marker. And to truly succeed on the path to greatness, choosing a marker that ticks every box possible, is essential. The Gtek R line gives players this. A level of firepower, reliability and support that is unmatched at this price.


The Planet Eclipse 180R is an advanced paintball marker, positioned between the 170R and the CS3 models. It offers enhancements such as a high-efficiency bolt, improved ergonomics, and better firing capabilities. Key new features include the OP-R Core Drivetrain, Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation, Quick Strip Grips, a 120psi operating pressure, the Cure Ft Bolt, a 14.5" three-piece barrel with a 0.689" Pwr Insert, compatibility with all Pwr Inserts, a next-gen electronics package, a self-locating low-rise feedneck, and the 180R Mech Frame Kit.

For a full review of the GTEK 180R’s efficiency, take a look at our review video below:

While you’re here, take a look at our GTEK 180R unboxing video as well:

Virtue Spire V

The all-new Spire V hopper from Virtue is most advanced paintball hopper to date. This hopper is the result of over a decade of continuous research and development, combining high-end technology with an excellent price point. For those already familiar with the brand, integrating this new system is seamless.

The Virtue Spire V sets a new standard in hopper technology with its comprehensive refinements. It offers faster feeding speeds to keep you in the game and on target. Its toolless components make cleaning and servicing easy, regardless of how many paintballs you go through. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, the Virtue Spire V provides top-tier functionality for any paintball enthusiast.

Virtue Spire IR2

Virtue is widely recognized as a leader in paintball electronics and aftermarket upgrades, with many players trusting the quality of their products, especially their loaders. The latest addition to their lineup is the Virtue Spire IR2, a high-performance loader packed with new features such as programmability and toolless maintenance. Its low-profile design keeps it close to the marker’s body, providing a clear field of view for accurate shots. The loader's capacity is comparable to other popular models, so players won’t need to adjust to a different paintball quantity.

A standout feature of the IR2 is its upgraded drive system, which is more reliable and agile, featuring a "jam-proof" design achieved through its shape, materials, and feeding mechanism. The toolless assembly allows for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. Players have noted that the Virtue Spire IR2 performs well even in the rain, preventing paintball jams and including essential accessories like a speed feeder and ramp.

Dye i5 Onyx 2.0

The latest advancement in DYE's goggle range, the i5 goggle system, marks a significant step forward in paintball eye and face protection technology. It features pioneering elements such as the GSR Pro-Strap and e.VOKE communication system, making it the most advanced goggle system in the industry. The i5 emphasizes performance and design, offering lightweight, aggressive protection, superior ventilation, comfort, sound processing, and safety for unmatched performance.

The Dye i5 Onyx 2.0 includes a Tirodial Horizon 290-degree anti-fog thermal lens, providing unrivaled optical clarity with exceptional vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. Its newly designed soft-touch multi-layer foam and innovative GSR Pro-Strap ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The i5 also introduces the e.VOKE unit, enabling wireless communication between the i5 and M2, delivering vital game information. By integrating the i5 goggle system into your setup, you can elevate your game, showcasing the next evolution in paintball goggle technology.

Virtue VIO Ascend

The Virtue VIO Ascend mask offers high-end features in an innovative package. Made from a single piece of ultra-durable injection-molded plastic, it provides excellent protection while being flexible, comfortable, and unobtrusive. Despite its lower price, the Ascend includes features typically found in premium goggles. It has quick-change lenses for easy adaptation to weather changes and a fog-resistant film for clear vision even on humid days. The lenses are scratch-resistant, beneficial for woodsball players, and the mask offers a broad field of view for easy target acquisition. The low-profile design reduces the risk of paintballs breaking on glancing blows. However, it doesn't protect the top of the head, so wearing a hat is recommended. The ears are protected with ear pads that can be easily replaced when worn out.

Ninja Lite 68/4500 Air Tank

The Ninja Lite 68/4500 Air Tank is one of the lightest air tanks on the market and is a great addition to the tournament package. This air tank helps minimize the amount of weight that you’re carrying while also coming with Ninja’s flagship regulator for optimum air efficiency.