Planet Eclipse EMF100


Planet Eclipse EMF100

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 is the groundbreaking marker that tactical players have been waiting for. As both a mag-fed and hopper-fed marker, the versatility is nearly endless. Building on decades of experience, Planet Eclipse has harnessed cutting-edge testing and analysis techniques to craft the EMF100, addressing key weaknesses in existing systems to offer unmatched performance and reliability in the world of mag fed markers.

EMF 100 Features:

  • Eclipse CF Continuous Feed Paintball Magazine: The pioneering 20-round, injection-molded magazine is compatible with both the EMF100 and Dye DAM platforms. Seamlessly load both standard .68 round balls and First Strike rounds for increased accuracy and range.
  • Optimized Shaped and Round Ball Handling: Leveraging high-speed camera technology and innovative design, PE has minimized the chances of misfeeding First Strike rounds, guaranteeing smooth gameplay. Through extensive beta testing, spanning months and involving tens of thousands of Shaped Rounds, the design has yielded zero reports of flipped or jammed rounds.
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain: Beyond its integral role in the magazine's impeccable performance, the Gamma Core sets a benchmark in efficiency, making the EMF100 unparalleled among its MagFed peers. A 13ci tank powers 10+ high-capacity magazines, ensuring you're always game-ready. Experience a silent, precise shot, ensuring stealth and accuracy. With proven reliability across diverse terrains, from cold and dry to hot and humid, the Gamma Core stands as the epitome of durability and efficiency in paintball.
  • Eclipse PWR Stock Upgrade: Elevate your tactical gameplay with the quick-adjust PWR Stock, crafted for ultimate stability and improved sighting. Suitable for HPA tanks up to 2" in diameter, the stock not only provides 360-degree protection for your HPA tank. Navigate through 11 lock-in points effortlessly with the lever-operated adjustment arm, and benefit from the contoured shoulder grip that significantly reduces slippage.
  • Versatility at Its Best: The EMF100 is more than just a marker—it's a platform for your gameplay style. Whether you prefer the full AR handguard or a stripped-down CQB look, this marker has got you covered. However, players who prefer stealth and precision over the “spray and pray” approach will love this marker. If you prefer a high rate of fire and sending as much paint downrange as possible, you can use the PAL Loader System compatible feed tube, or choose any other loader that fits your strategy. The EMF100 prioritizes flexibility, allowing players to tailor their equipment to their unique preferences.

For a full review of the EMF100 marker, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review of all of the different features below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers

Is the EMF100 Mag Fed or Hopper Fed?

With the EMF100, you don’t have to choose either/or, rather you get both. The EMF100 can be used with the hopper/loader of your choice. When you’re ready, you can also transition the marker into a mag-fed marker that can shoot first strike rounds. These rounds are ideal for precision shots and players who prefer sniping.

What Are First Strike Rounds?

First strike rounds are special paintball rounds that have a convex leading edge that is similar to regular paintballs. However, the trailing edge has fins which give the paintball spin and aerodynamic stability and gives them a truer flight. As a result, FSRs are far more accurate than regular paintballs and over a greater distance. Paintballers who prefer sniping love these rounds.