EMEK/EMF100 Ultimate Trigger Upgrade Kit - Exalt


Upgrade your Planet Eclipse EMEK or EMF100 with our Utlimate Trigger Upgrade Kit!

Included in this kit is the following:

  • Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger Valve
  • Exalt Ignition Trigger

​​The Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger Valve offers a pull that's 4 times shorter and a weight that's 5 times lighter compared to the standard trigger valve—even when all springs are removed. This easy-to-install upgrade enhances the performance capabilities of Planet Eclipse mechanical firearms, helping you elevate your game.

In terms of safety and competition guidelines, the hAir 45 V2 maintains safety features and is fully tournament-compliant, as it doesn't increase the trigger force post-firing.

The V2 edition represents the newest advancements in manufacturing technology. Built on the reliable hAir45 core components, the hAir45 V2 not only supports higher flow rates but also comes at a lower price point than its predecessor, the original hAir45

This valve is only compatible with the Planet Eclipse EMEK & EMF100

For a full video tutorial of how to install the Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger valve, take a look at our helpful demonstration video below: