Infamous Pro DNA Thread Guard & Fill Nipple Cover Combo


Keep your tank safe from damage, dirt and debris with the Infamous Pro DNA Thread Guard & Fill Nipple Cover Combo!

Tank regulators are one of the most important piece of your equipment. Protect your investment with our all new machined aluminum thread savers. When transporting your compressed air system or CO2 tanks, simply screw the Pro DNA thread saver on to protect them from accidental damage. There are 2 spare O-rings mounted on top when you get caught in a pinch and need a back up.


  • Machined Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum
  • Includes 2 Spare Back-up Bottle O-Rings
  • Laser Infamous Skull Icon
  • Fits All Compressed Air Systems & CO2

One of the most underrated piece of gear you NEED. This inexpensive item keeps dirt and debris out of your fill nipple and potentially working its way into your air system.  Made from lightweight machined aircraft aluminum this life saver help keep you on the field and not working on your gear.  Quickly clips on the fill nipple using a 4 bearing design for a fast on/off.


  • Machined Aircraft Aluminum 
  • 4 Bearing Quick On Off Design
  • Lasered Skull Icon
  • Fits All One Way Air System Fill Nipples