Infamous Athletic Tape


Taping your paintball bottle is the absolute best way to achieve the right amount of grip, without a bulky or sticky cover.  BUT is has to be the right kind of tape.  We spent a long time finding the right mix of grip to slip on this tape for you.

The Pro DNA athletic tank tape IS the tank tape you have been looking for.   
Traditional tank covers can either be too bulky or too sticky and snag on your jersey when quickly switching hands.  This non-slip cloth tape is the perfect amount of grip for the end of your tank and it wont leave sticky residue. Skip the bulk of a rubber tank cover and choose what the pro's use with our pro dna tank tape.

Also perfect multi-purpose athletic tape for your body without leaving a sticky mess


  • Cloth grip tape
  • 25mm wide
  • 20m per roll
  • Perfect for taping your bottle but also great for multi purpose athletic tape