Hydra Fit Black Knee Pads 2.0


This new version of the Hydra Fit Black Knee Pad includes a cut out on the back that is ideal for players with very small legs or those who want a little more ventilation! The original Black Knee Pad is still in production and provides the highest compression fit of all of the Hydra Knee Pads

Keep yourself safe with the most comfortable knee pads you’ll ever wear! Once you try the Hydra Fit Black Knee pads you’ll never wear anything else!


  • Hydra Black Kneepads now with cutouts allows maximum range of motion with less resistance & prevents chafing
  • Prevent injuries by protecting your joints and soft tissue.
  • Stabilizes and supports knee in a full range of motion
  • 40% more padding for added impact protection
  • Hydra Skin – cut and abrasion-resistant
  • Lock stitching – to increase product durability
  • Low profile design – allows the product to be worn under pants comfortably