HK Army Sonic PLUS Loader


HK Army Sonic Loader

The incredibly lightweight Sonic Loader is now available with the Epic Pro Speed Feed. Weighing in at just under 1 pound, the Sonic is the lightest electronic loader to consistently feed at 16+ BPS. Now you can take advantage of high rate-of-fire and quick reloads with the Epic Pro Speed Feed!

The HK Army Sonic Paintball loader is a high-performance hopper designed for competitive paintball players. With a capacity of 230 paintballs, it utilizes advanced technology to ensure consistent feeding and reliable operation. Equipped with a built-in infrared sensor, the loader detects paintball movement and automatically adjusts the feed rate, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted flow of paintballs while minimizing jams. Additionally, the Sonic loader features an anti-jam drive system that swiftly clears any obstructions, allowing players to stay in the game without interruptions. 

Weighing less than 1 pound, this speedy and lightweight loader won't weigh you down during intense gameplay. Its durable nylon shell is designed to resist cracking and shattering, ensuring longevity and durability on the field. The loader's toolless design simplifies maintenance, featuring a removable tray that can be easily cleaned. Additionally, the newly designed "H" board enhances battery life and efficiency, enabling the loader to operate on just one 9V battery for up to 18 cases of paintballs. The HK Army Sonic Paintball hopper is an excellent hopper that combines performance, durability, and efficiency to meet the needs of serious paintball enthusiasts.

For a more in-depth look at the loader, check out our helpful youtube video review of the HK Army Sonic below: 

HK Army Sonic Loader Features

  • Constructed with a Durable Nylon Shell to ensure the shell is strong and will not break when being shot or dropped. The Shell is completely toolless and can be taken apart with a simple pull of the rear locking latch
  • Single-button, one-touch on/off + Force feed
  • Easy to clean with removable tray
  • Upgraded "H" board for increased battery life and efficiency
  • Perfectly balanced with center of gravity over feed neck
  • Jam-free and gentle on fragile paintballs
  • Runs on only one 9V Battery and can shoot up to 18 cases of paint off a single 9V battery. (battery not included)
  • Low battery indicator light on underside of shell
  • Motorized paddle system feeds paintballs at 16+ BPS
  • Weight 11.9 oz (without battery)
  • 230 Round Capacity
  • Spring ramp which guides paintballs to the raceway
  • Soft Paddles which help prevent paintballs from breaking inside the loader
  • Toolless quick change lid allow you to change the Rain Lit to the EVO Pro Speed Feed with a push of a button
  • Activation sensor located in the feedneck ensures that paddles spin every time a paintball passes the sensor.

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