HK Army Magtek Magnetic Universal Chinstrap

Color: Black

The HK Army Magtek Magnetic Universal Chin Strap is designed to fit on most goggle systems. The Chin Strap can be attached to the goggle by pulling the velcro ends through the chin strap loop attachments.  

Typically when wearing or removing the goggle, it is very difficult to see what’s happening below your chin while buckling or releasing your chin strap. HK Army uses a  revolutionary design which is specifically suited to address that issue. The Magtek Chin Straps use of magnets to guide the components into the right position and mechanically lock them allows easy use even without any visibility. That same technology allows the buckle to be used on or near the skin without fear of pinching, even when you are in a hurry.

The chin strap also includes a soft padded chin strap that makes the chin strap extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 


  • Fits on most goggle systems
  • Velcro strap ends for easy attaching to goggle
  • Removable Pad improves comfort of while wearing chin strap
  • Magtek magnetic buckle
  • Adjustable length