HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit Black Inserts w/ Boom Treatment


This HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit has already received the UltraSilk Boom Treatment! Boom Treated Kits may take an extra 24 hours to ship

Crafted with accuracy and style in mind, the LAZR Barrel Kit delivers unrivaled performance. The precision barrel bore-honing used in the development of the LAZR allows for improved diameter uniformity and a smooth interior finish. This attention to surface detail will deliver you the ball-on-ball accuracy you are looking for in a high-end barrel system. Easily change the control bore by sliding the bore inserts in to the barrel back. 

The LAZR Barrel Kit comes complete with 8 Barrel Bore Inserts, a Barrel Tip and 4 Interchangeable Accent Grips. The LAZR barrel is packaged in our custom HK Army Hard Shell Exo Barrel Case.


  • Highest Quality Aluminum 2 Piece Barrel 
  • EXO Hard Zipper Protective 
  • 8 Barrel Backs In Bore Sizes .678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, .692
  • 4 Removable Color Barrel Back Grips (Red, Blue, Black, Grey)
  • Ball Sizer to ensure that the proper bore size is used.
  • 15" Total Length 
  • 8" Barrel Back
  • Porting designed to increase accuracy and lower the sound signature
  • Laser Engraved Bore Size Numbers On Back Of Barrel
  • Precision Honed Barrel Tip and Barrel Backs
  • Autococker Threading. The barrel also works on the Axe, Shocker, Planet Eclipse Markers, Dye Markers, VCOM, Mac Dev Markers, Field One and Vanquish

What is the Ultra Silk Boom Treatment?

The UltraSilk Boom Treatment for your barrel kit will help reducing friction and will allow you to shoot through broken balls with ease! This heat activated formula that is applied to the metals surfaces impregnates all of the open pores in your barrel inserts and imperfections are virtually eliminated. Once complete you’re left with a dry film that bonds to the metals surfaces and leaves the inside with an incredibly smooth finish that will repel dirt, dust and broken paint.