HK Army Fossil Ego LV2


Meet the HK Army Fossil EGO LV2 - the latest, and most advanced iteration of the era-defining Planet Eclipse EGO marker platform. Utilizing the incredible Lever-Valve design from the LV1, the HK Fossil LV2 produces the softest shot characteristic in paintball with an operating pressure of approximately 115psi. With an all-new body and Cure FT bolt design, the LV2 is considered by some to be the finest shooting paintball marker of all time.

Individually set up in the Planet Eclipse factory, every LV2 is ready to compete in any environment, in any format, straight out of the box. Just set the velocity and go. But for those that like to tinker, the LV2 is all about its vast scope of adjustment, or more accurately, tuneability. We don't believe there has ever been a marker with more adjustability than the LV line. With HPR, LPR, Dwell, forward and rearward rammer speed control, and even optional rammer weights (included), there are so many ways to tune the feel and efficiency of your LV2 to give you the playing experience you want. And to achieve the results you aspire to.


  • HK Army Custom Fossil Milling
  • HK Army Fossil Milled Shaft S63 Barrel with 2 PWR Inserts (.689 & .685)
  • Integrated Hoseless Air Transfer, HPR and LPR Assembly
  • Toolless Wraparound Grips with MME Electronics Package and OLED Display
  • Cure FT Bolt System @ Approximately 115psi Output Pressure
  • 9V Battery Operated
  • 2-Year Planet Eclipse Manufacturer Warranty
  • Includes Padded Marker Case, Shaft S63 Barrel System, Adjustment Tools, Maintenance Kit and 9V Battery.
  • Download the LV2 Manual
  • Learn more about the EGO LV2 Platform at Planet Eclipse.