HK Army ETHA3 MTL Hive Hopper & Tank Combo


The HK Army ETHA3 MTL Hive provides a top-tier electronic marker experience at a fantastic price!

Here's what's inside the package:

  • HK Army ETHA3 MTL Hive
  • HK Army HSTL 68/4500 Air Tank
  • Choice of HK Army Sonic Loader or TFX 3


The HK Army ETHA 3 paintball marker represents a significant upgrade in the realm of paintball markers. Its fresh, ergonomic design is enhanced with key performance features. Most notably, the marker has an easy-release bolt assembly, streamlining accessibility and maintenance. Alongside this, the aluminum low-rise feedneck minimizes the marker's profile, and the newly designed aluminum blade trigger enhances rapid firing capabilities. 

Powering the ETHA 3 is a trusted 9-volt battery system, reminiscent of its precursor, the ETHA 2. Yet, what truly sets the ETHA 3 apart is the innovative Lock N' Load Battery System. This feature, crafted for user convenience, facilitates quick battery compartment access without the need for any extra tools. Moreover, the inclusion of the Gamma Core bolt promises efficiency, sensitivity to delicate paint, and unmatched reliability. Finally, the POPS air system, a brainchild of HK Army, not only simplifies tank attachment and detachment but also ensures safety by expelling residual air, preventing inadvertent firing. This amalgamation of features cements the ETHA 3's position as a top-tier choice for paintball enthusiasts of all skill levels.

HK Army HSTL 68/4500 Air Tank

The HK Army HSTL Air Tank is designed for both performance and cost-effectiveness. This robust system combines a lightweight carbon fiber bottle with a dependable aluminum regulator that has an 800 psi output pressure. The AeroLite system boasts a 5-year hydro cycle and comes in a variety of colors.

HK Army Sonic Loader

The HK Army Sonic Paintball loader is a top-tier hopper for competitive players, holding 230 paintballs. Using advanced technology, including an infrared sensor, it ensures jam-free and consistent feeding. An innovative anti-jam system further ensures uninterrupted gameplay. Despite its advanced features, it's lightweight at under 1 pound and boasts a durable nylon shell. Its tool-free design allows easy maintenance, and the updated "H" board runs on a single 9V battery for extended play. In essence, it's a blend of efficiency, durability, and performance ideal for serious paintball enthusiasts.


The updated TFX 3 loader from HK Army boasts enhanced features, merging the best from its predecessor with new technology. It offers a consistent feed rate using the "Soft Touch Paddle" and Laser Break Beam Eye Sensor, outperforming rivals. The TFX 3 holds over 230 paintballs, includes a unique Zero Gravity Lift Tray for added capacity, and uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a USB-C port. Its advanced feed system works seamlessly with various paintball types, including reusable ones. Housed in a durable, sleek shell with a quick-change lid feature, it's water-resistant for all-weather play.

Wondering how the HK Army ETHA3 Hopper and Tank Combo really performs? We made a comprehensive review video so that you can know before you buy. Take a look at our helpful video review below for a full explanation of the package: