Goldrush Farms Beef Jerky - 15 oz

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If you're craving the best beef jerky in the world than look no further! Goldrush Farms grows its own hay and raises its own free-range U.S. cattle in Litchfield, Ohio. They use only the most tender cuts of lean meat and the highest quality herbs and spices, slow-cooked and smoked right in their production facility

Nutritional Facts:​

Serving size 1 oz. (28g), Servings per Container 15, calories 70, fat calories 15,total fat 1.5g (2%), saturated fat 0.5g (2%), cholesterol 30mg (10%), sodium 510mg (21%), totalcarbohydrates 2g (1%), protein 13g, iron 6% Allergens Present: ​None Shelf Life (Packaged): ​12 months

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