First Strike FSC Pistol

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First Strike FSC Pistol

The First Strike FSC Pistol is a popular sidearm for woodsball scenarios and can even be used for self-defense in some cases. The gun is designed to have a smaller modular grip frame with a short overall length to help with portability and concealability. As such, it makes for an excellent sidearm. 

The FSC is powered with portable CO2 cartridges whose weight can be either the 8-gram or the 12-gram cartridges. These cartridges fit inside of the magazines which also hold 6 paintballs. The FSC can use T8.1/9.1 barrels making it one of the most versatile sidearm platforms on the market. For a full review of the First Strike FSC, check out Lone Wolf Paintall’s helpful review video below:


First Strike FSC For Paintball

FSC is an excellent choice of sidearm for milsim and paintball scenario games. The realistic look that the FSC fits perfectly within a milsim context as a sidearm. Additionally, this gun is excellent for close-quarter combat where maneuverability is crucial for success.

First Strike FSC For Self-Defense

One of the best parts about the FSC is that it can be used for self-defense with pepper ball rounds. These rounds are filled with an irritant known as “pepper powder” that can be used on threats. The effect is very similar to pepper spray and, while there are different benefits and risks, the First Strike FSC can be a great way to repel an attacker or even a wild animal without causing lasting damage.

Players Want to Know

Questions that players frequently ask

Can the First Strike FSC Use First Strike Rounds?

Yes! It can use First Strike rounds or any .68 paintball. The magazine feed (rather than a hopper feed) makes it possible to use a variety of different munitions in the First Strike FSC.

How Does the First Strike FSC Compare to the Tippmann TiPX?

The First strike FSC and the Tippmann TiPX are two different attempts at solving the same problem. However, the TiPX does have a greater capacity (8 rounds instead of 6) than the FSC does and may be a little more modular. The FSC, on the other hand, can shoot first strike rounds and was built to accommodate silencers as well. For a more in-depth comparison of the First Strike FSC and the Tippmann TiPX, check out Lone Wolf Paintball’s helpful comparison video below: 

Is the First Strike FSC Ambidextrous?

Yes, mostly. The gun is ambidextrous and can be shot by either left-handed or right-handed shooters. However, the magazine release is on the left side of the grip and is therefore most easily accessed by your right thumb. Otherwise, the First Strike FSC is totally ambidextrous.

Does The First Strike FSC Have a Safety?

Yes, the First Strike FSC does have a safety that can be engaged or disengaged on either side of the gun in keeping with its ambidextrous design.