Empire Mini GS w/ 2-Piece Barrel

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Empire Mini GS w/ 2-Piece Barrel

The Empire Mini GS is an entry-level marker with some truly pro-level features. The team at Empire has taken the well-established Mini marker platform and made significant advancements to enhance this performance further. The Empire Mini GS now features the battle-tested Mini engine, along with a full wrap-around rubber foregrip that ensures a secure hold and protects against paint and the elements. 

An added On/Off ASA has been integrated to eliminate any thread-related issues and facilitates easy tank removal. As a bonus, the new design allows for a simple drop-in of the Redline OLED board without needing to switch the foregrip. The ASA and Foregrip attachment points have been reinforced for increased durability and superior performance. 

Naturally, you'll still find all the familiar and dependable features you've come to expect from the Empire Mini, such as the hose-less design, Anti Chop Break Beam Eyes, Clamping Feedneck, and the proven Mini performance. Creating a product that can follow in the footsteps of a legend requires something truly exceptional, and Empire has achieved precisely that with the Mini GS.


  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes (incl. PSP, Millenium, Semi Auto)
  • Wrap-around foregrip for protection from elements and increased grip
  • Foregrip accepts drop-in Redline OLED boards
  • Venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Uses through-grip air transfer for no external air hoses
  • Micro-honed, ported aluminum 2 piece barrel
  • Only two hex wrenches needed for all screws
  • Barrel sock, spare parts, owners manual are included

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Can An Empire Mini GS Use CO2?

No. The Mini GS was made only to use compressed air. If you use CO2 you risk damaging your marker and you may need to purchase a replacement bolt if you use CO2 in a marker that only uses HPA.

Can the Empire Mini GS Be Used For Woodsball and Speedball?

Yes! Because of the firing variability and several other features, the Empire Mini GS is an excellent option for both woodsball and speedball

How Efficient Is the Empire Mini GS?

The Empire Mini GS is astoundingly efficient when it comes to air and rivals the efficiency of other markers that cost $500 - $800 more. In fact, the Mini GS’s efficiency is one of the reasons that we recommend this marker so highly. We did a review of how efficient the Mini GS is and made it through 12.5 pods before the air ran out; take a look at our air efficiency test YouTube video below:

How Do I Program the Mini GS?

The Empire Mini GS is one of the easiest paintball markers to program. We also made a helpful YouTube video to teach you exactly how to program your Mini GS so you can do it right the first time. Take a look at our helpful YouTube video below: