Empire AXE 2.0 w/ Redline Board

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Empire AXE 2.0 w/ Redline Board

Experience unparalleled performance with the Empire Axe 2.0, designed to dominate in any setting, from wooded landscapes to intense bunker scenarios. This next-generation paintball marker is the epitome of accuracy, smoothness, and lightweight design. At its core, the Axe 2.0 features a pressure-controlled poppet engine, ensuring reliable and consistent performance with every shot. 

Maintenance is a breeze thanks to its externally serviceable, break-beam anti-chop laser eyes and a push-button bolt removal system that makes engine upkeep tool-less and straightforward. The Shockwave board provides versatility, offering multiple adjustable firing modes including Semi, Ramp, Burst, and Full Auto. Enhanced ergonomics come in the form of a wrap-around foregrip with micro-texture, providing a non-slip grip that protects against the elements. In this particular package, the foregrip comes with the OLED Redline board preinstalled. 

Efficiency and precision are maximized with a lightweight and accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel, superior velocity consistency, and low-pressure operation that is gentle on fragile paint. What's more, the Axe 2.0 boasts a 10% weight reduction compared to its predecessor, making it an even more attractive choice for players aiming for the perfect combination of agility and power. 

Redline Board

The Redline Board is a premium upgrade designed specifically for the Empire Axe 2.0 and Mini GS markers. Note that this advanced LCD board is not compatible with the original Axe or Mini models. This cutting-edge electronic board offers a range of customization options via its OLED screen, controlled effortlessly through a user-friendly joystick interface. Engineered for performance, the board utilizes Nano-Watt technology to achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing speed or efficiency. Capable of executing up to 16 million operations per second, it offers unparalleled responsiveness through interrupt-based processes. This optimized electronic system not only enhances your marker's performance but also ensures fast response times, making it an indispensable addition for competitive and recreational players alike.

For a full review of how the Empire AXE 2.0 shoots with the redline board, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Is the Empire Axe 2.0 full auto?

With the Redline board, the Empire Axe 2.0 has several different firing modes includeing full auto, burst, and single shot. See the video above for a demonstration of all the different firing modes.

How Do I Program The Redline Board?

Reading instructions on how to program the board can be difficult which is why we made a video showing you how to program the Redline Board. Take a look at our video explaining how to program the Redline Board below: 

Is the Axe 2.0 Reliable?

One of the things that you’ll see across all of the reviews of the Axe 2.0 are the players praising it for its reliability, accuracy, and efficiency. In out opinion, the Axe 2.0 is one of the best markers on the market for beginner and intermediate paintballers. We hope you’ll take the time to look through all of the five star reviews below…