Dye UL-I Barrel Back


DYE Barrels set the standard for accuracy and quality nearly 25 years ago and continue to do so today!

The team at  DYE Precision has focused on developing the new modular DYE UL-I Barrel Insert System, which offers unmatched adaptability and accuracy. This new UL-I system allows players to interchange bore inserts to precisely match different paintball sizes, optimizing performance and efficiency. Made with the DYE's next level high-quality materials, honing, polishing and tolerances, this isn't just another insert barrel system. This Barrel Insert System obtains all of the trusted and proven key ingredients and more that can only be found in DYE barrels. Better honing, better finish, better accuracy.

Throughout their history, DYE Precision has been at the forefront of innovation in the paintball barrel sector of our industry. The company's commitment to precision engineering, high-quality materials and attention to detail has made our barrels the top choice for players seeking top- tier performance. DYE barrels have been used worldwide by top professional teams, tournament players and recreational enthusiasts, making DYE a trusted and respected brand in
the paintball community.

The new modular UL-I Barrel Insert System is designed for the art of winning.

Please Note: The UL-I Barrel pieces are ONLY compatible with other UL-I pieces. They are NOT cross compatible with any other Dye Barrel pieces (Boomstick, CF-S, UL, UL-S, etc)