Dye Team Pants


The new DYE Team Pants features cutting edge materials and construction designed to keep the player comfortable and performing at their athletic best. This DYE Team Pant comes equipped with an ergonomic flex design featuring a velcro lock stretch waistband backed up with drawstrings and belt loops throughout, deep pockets, 4-way stretch breathable fabrics for reinforced stretched zones in key areas allowing for unmatched comfort and fit, rear heat ventilation, dual swab pockets and elastic cuffs. Used by our factory teams, the DYE Team Pant is lightweight and offers the perfect combination of functionality and style for all-day comfort.


  • Ergonomic, lightweight flex design
  • Velcro lock stretch waistband backed with drawstrings & belt loops
  • Deep hand pockets
  • Dual DYE swab pockets
  • 4-way stretch breathable fabrics
  • Rear heat ventilation
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Durable Ballistic Knee Protection

Sizing Chart:

L: 29

W: 32-34
L: 31

W: 34-37
L: 32

W: 37-40
L: 33

W: 40-43
L: 33