Dye DSR+ Solenoid Kit


The Dye DSR+ Solenoid Kit will keep your DSR+ up and running!


  • DSR+ solenoid body,clr pol x1
  • DSR+ solenoid sub manifold,clr x1
  • DSR+ solenoid piston,clr x1
  • 1*6mm N70 O-ring x1
  • O-ring 03*06*t0.8,N70 x3
  • DSR+ Solenoid body gasket x1
  • DSR+ Solenoid seat gasket x1
  • M2*6 philips head screw x2
  • M2*12 philips head screw x2
  • M2.5*12 Round hexagon screws x4
  • #010 N70 O-ring purple x1
  • #007 N70 O-ring,blu x1

Note: This kit is for the DSR+ ONLY and will not work with the Original DSR