Deadlywind MOAB X8 Carbon Fiber Main-Barrel ONLY


You MUST use a Fibur-X or MOAB Threaded Barrel Adapter and GoG Freak XL 8" Barrel Inserts or PWR Inserts with this barrel

This barrel DOES NOT come with a barrel adapter or inserts. Only order this Main Barrel if you already have an adapter and inserts

The MOAB - Mother Of All Barrels - is the latest revolutionary barrel from Deadlywind. It is nothing like any other barrel before and has a patent pending dual-layer barrel design. The MOAB utilizes a clean monolithic ultra-lightweight carbon fiber outer sleeve which houses, protects, and isolates the internal barrel components.

The MOAB uses a unique internally ported front sleeve available in multiple bore sizes to perfectly pair with the rear control bore and can use either PWR or Freak XL inserts.


  • Field strippable for full cleaning
  • Can be used with the widest range of guns thanks to it taking advantage of the existing Deadlywind X-series threaded backs (AC only for PWR inserts).
  • Cleared by the BATFE for sales and use on all paintball guns
  • Not susceptible to external port-clogging elements such as precipitation or bunker paint
  • Available at 14” (14.5” for PWR) and weighs 75 grams without an insert (PWR/XL inserts add 20-25 grams)
  • Vetted by all levels of paintball players, the BATFE, and USPTO

 Barrel Composition:

  • A Carbon Fiber outer sleeve with our X-series compatible LEFT handed universal threads
  • Your option of insert type (control bore inset not included) and gun threads to attach to the universal threads (AC threads are only available with PWR inserts) NOT INCLUDED - MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY 
  • Your option of bore(s) on the ported front internal sleeve (0.685, 0.690, 0.695) NOT INCLUDED - MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY
  • A unique field-strippable front nose clip