Deadlywind MOAB X8 Barrel Kit - Planet Eclipse PWR Inserts


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Make sure to select the correct barrel threads for your marker when choosing the Barrel Adapter on the drop down menu!

The Deadlywind MOAB X8 Barrel Kit is packed with options right from the start. It's a complete PWR barrel system with the Deadlywind MOAB X-8 Carbon Fiber 14" Barrel and 5 Planet Eclipse PWR Inserts (.677, .681, .685, .689 and .693)

The MOAB - Mother Of All Barrels - is the latest revolutionary barrel from Deadlywind. It is nothing like any other barrel before and has a patent pending dual-layer barrel design. The MOAB utilizes a clean monolithic ultra-lightweight carbon fiber outer sleeve which houses, protects, and isolates the internal barrel components.

The MOAB uses a unique internally ported front sleeve available in multiple bore sizes (not included) to perfectly pair with the rear control bore and can use either PWR or Freak XL inserts.


  • Field strippable for full cleaning
  • Can be used with the widest range of guns thanks to it taking advantage of the existing Deadlywind X-series threaded backs (AC only for PWR inserts).
  • Cleared by the BATFE for sales and use on all paintball guns
  • Not susceptible to external port-clogging elements such as precipitation or bunker paint
  • Available at 14” (14.5” for PWR) and weighs 75 grams without an insert (PWR/XL inserts add 20-25 grams)
  • Vetted by all levels of paintball players, the BATFE, and USPTO

 Barrel Composition:

  • A Carbon Fiber outer sleeve with our X-series compatible LEFT handed universal threads
  • Your option of insert type (control bore inset not included) and gun threads to attach to the universal threads (AC threads are only available with PWR inserts)
  • Your option of bore(s) on the ported front internal sleeve (0.685, 0.690, 0.695)
  • A unique field-strippable front nose clip

Barrel Notes:

  • You MUST use a PWR or a Freak XL insert with this barrel
  • PWR configuration is available only in Autococker Threads
  • Freak XL configuration is available for many different gun threads
  • Gun threads are set using the existing Deadlywind X-series threaded backs (same as FiburX and FiburX8).
  • Ported internal front sleeves should ideally be around 0.005" larger than the control (PWR or Freak XL) bore