Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger Valve


​​The Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger Valve offers a pull that's 4 times shorter and a weight that's 5 times lighter compared to the standard trigger valve—even when all springs are removed. This easy-to-install upgrade enhances the performance capabilities of Planet Eclipse mechanical firearms, helping you elevate your game.

In terms of safety and competition guidelines, the hAir 45 V2 maintains safety features and is fully tournament-compliant, as it doesn't increase the trigger force post-firing.

The V2 edition represents the newest advancements in manufacturing technology. Built on the reliable hAir45 core components, the hAir45 V2 not only supports higher flow rates but also comes at a lower price point than its predecessor, the original hAir45.

For a full video tutorial of how to install the Deadlywind hAir 45 V2 Trigger valve, take a look at our helpful demonstration video below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Why won’t my hAir 45 V2 trigger fire?

If your trigger isn’t firing, usually one of two things is happening:

First, it could be due to the setting of your trigger adjustment screws, especially if you're using an adjustable trigger. The firing event for the hAir 45 V2 generally occurs earlier in the trigger pull process. Therefore, you may need to loosen the trigger adjustment screws to reset the trigger to its optimal position for firing.

Second, If the Fire pin seems stuck, pressurizing the gun usually releases it. Sometimes during packing, the Fire pin might push too deep into the Valve body, causing it to get jammed against the #003 O-ring. To check if the Fire pin is indeed stuck:

  1. Detach the grip panels from your gun and then pressurize it.
  2. Ensure that the Fire pin is touching the nail-head of the gun's silver trigger rod. 
  3. If you notice any gap, remove the hAir from the firearm.
  4. Peering in from the bottom hole, you might spot the slender end of the Fire pin poking into the smaller opening.
  5. If so, delicately use a tiny Allen wrench via the bottom hole to nudge the Fire Pin forward a bit before reattaching everything.

Why is my hAir 45 V2 trigger leaking at rest?

If your hAir 45 V2 trigger is leaking when it's not in use, the issue could be due to several factors:

  1. QEV Diaphragm Issues: Inspect the QEV diaphragm for any obstructions or misalignment. Clean, lubricate, and properly reinstall it, making sure the pointy end goes in first and is centered at the bottom of the top bore.
  1. Damaged or Missing QEV Plug: Check the QEV plug for damage or wear. Make sure the lip face, which faces the QEV diaphragm, is free from nicks or gouges. Clean, lubricate, and reinstall the plug.
  1. Faulty 1x15 mm O-Ring: Examine, clean, lubricate, and reinstall the 1x15 mm o-ring. If it's damaged or missing, that could be causing the leak.
  1. Damaged Fire Pin: Note that the very tip of the Fire pin is typically thin and bent, which is normal. Inspect, clean, lubricate, and reinstall the Fire pin. It should easily come out from the front of the Valve body.
  1. Missing Front Plug: Some hAir block versions have a port hole on the front face, above the Valve body, which should be plugged. If it’s open, you may need to contact Deadlywind for a replacement plug. (Note: Later versions don't have this external port hole and plug.)
  1. Leaky Top Gasket: The top oval gasket between the hAir block and the bottom of the gun body may also be responsible. Check its condition, and if necessary, clean, lubricate, and reinstall it.

Why is my hAir 45 V2 trigger leaking while holding it in?

If your hAir 45 V2 trigger is leaking when the trigger is held in, several factors could be at play:

  1. Damaged or Missing #003 O-Ring: Inspect the #003 o-ring for any damage or absence. Clean it, lubricate it, and reinstall it to potentially resolve the issue.
  1. Fire Pin Condition: Be aware that the tip of the Fire pin is usually thin and bent—this is normal and not a manufacturing defect. It doesn't impact the valve body seal. Examine the Fire pin, clean it, apply lubrication, and reinstall it. You should be able to easily remove it from the front of the Valve body for this process.
  1. Top Gasket Leaks: Inspect the oval-shaped top gasket situated between the hAir block and the bottom of the gun body. If it's causing the leak, you'll need to clean it, lubricate it, and reinstall it.