D3FY Sports Defy Reliant Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


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D3FY RELIANT paintballs come with assorted shell colors that offer the best looking paintball for the price. The paint fill is bright and comes in a variety of colors! RELIANT paintballs from D3FY not only look great, but shoots straight as well all at an affordable price!


  • Ideal for both Practice and Recreational play
  • Assorted Shell colors with bright fill allows you to make your mark noticed
  • Great paintball for use with high operating pressure markers

All cases of paint are opened and inspected before shipping to ensure there are no broken paintballs. Paint is always shipped inside a larger secondary box that is tightly packed with shipping peanuts to ensure little to no movement. We take every step necessary to ensure your products have the most protection possible.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of shipping paintballs, we do not offer returns or exchanges on paintballs even if a ball is broken during shipping. By purchasing, the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions