Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun


When Azodin set out to modernize the KPC Pump it targeted the core aspects that made the original a beloved classic. They certainly achieved that with the new Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun!

The price, durability, and low maintenance. The KPC doubles down on those aspects
and combines the half-block body style with the solid Feather Regulator.

The result is a sleek pump that provides great performance in all conditions
with durability that can be counted on.

The KPC+ uses the new inline ON/OFF bottom ASA, simple air intake. It also has a newly updated Auto Trigger!


  • 14'' Multiphase Honed Barrel - .685 Bore
  • Half-Block Body Design
  • Screw Lock Feedneck
  • Low Pressure Valve
  • Acoustic Bolt with Dual O-rings
  • Single Trigger Frame with Pre-Installed Auto Trigger
  • Adjustable Feather Regulator
  • Inline On/Off ASA
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rods
  • 230 psi Operating Pressure