Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun


Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun

Azodin has modernized the classic KPC Pump with its new Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun, focusing on the core values of price, durability, and low maintenance. The KPC+ enhances these aspects by integrating a half-block body style with a robust Feather Regulator. This combination results in a sleek, high-performing pump gun that excels in various conditions and boasts reliable durability. Key features of the KPC+ include a 14'' multiphase honed barrel with a .685 bore, a half-block body design, and a screw lock feedneck. It also incorporates a low-pressure valve, an acoustic bolt with dual O-rings, and a single trigger frame with a pre-installed auto trigger. The gun is further equipped with an adjustable Feather Regulator, an inline ON/OFF ASA for simple air intake, and stainless steel guide rods. It operates at a pressure of 230 psi, ensuring efficient performance.


  • 14'' Multiphase Honed Barrel - .685 Bore
  • Half-Block Body Design
  • Screw Lock Feedneck
  • Low-Pressure Valve
  • Acoustic Bolt with Dual O-rings
  • Single Trigger Frame with Pre-Installed Auto Trigger
  • Adjustable Feather Regulator
  • Inline On/Off ASA
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rods
  • 230 PSI Operating Pressure

For a full review of the Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun, take a look at our helpful review videos below:

Players have become very fond of this paintball gun for a number of different reasons. First, the shot report coming out of the Azodin KPC+ is minimal, making this a great paintball marker for snipers and players who value stealth. In fact, some players have even managed to use the KPC+ for backyard play.

Some players have had questions about the ASA and air leaks that the Azodin KPC+ comes stock with. However, there are a few things to mention here. First, is that the Azodin KPC+’s regulator is high quality but it must still be treated with some caution. Players who torque the tank too hard run the risk of rupturing the O-ring so it’s best to tighten with a prudent amount of strength and torque. Second, the Azodin KPC+ can use third-party regulators so if you find that the KPC+ isn’t living up to expectations, it can accept any dovetail ASA. However, most players that have issues with the air system will find that these issues are actually due to player error or maintenance errors.