Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Markers

Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R


  • Midnight
  • Atlantic Storm
  • Ember Storm
  • HDE Earth
  • +17
Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Tournament Package


  • 180R - Midnight
  • 180R - Atlantic Storm
  • 180R - Ember Storm
  • 180R - HDE Earth
  • +14
HK Army Orbit GTEK 180R


  • Onyx
  • Canary
  • Teal / Teal
  • Pewter / Pewter
  • +22
Infamous Diamond Skull GTEK 180R


  • Black Flag
  • Cartel
  • Creature
  • Electrum
  • +8

Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Markers

The Planet Eclipse 180R is the latest generation of markers to come out of Planet Eclipse and is giving other makers a run for their money. The PE 180R was designed to fill the space between the 170R and the CS3, having many of the most important features of the CS3 but a price point much closer to the 170R. The most noteworthy changes help the gun run with greater efficiency and more accuracy.

The OP-R Drivetrain in the 180R is super efficient, offering a smooth shot with very low pressure. We were amazed by its performance in our efficiency test! You can shoot 12-13 pods with a 4500 PSI HPA tank before needing a refill. The 180R has excellent ergonomics, fitting right in with high-end markers like the CS3. It's got a sleek look, and the grips have been upgraded for better handling. Plus, it's really accurate with its 14.5" barrel and .689 insert. You can even get extra PWR inserts or upgrade to the S63 Pro Barrel System. The new OLED display makes it easy to switch between firing modes, and you can go old-school with the 180R-specific mech frame.

180R New Features

OP-R Core Drivetrain

Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation

Quick Strip Grips

120psi Operating Pressure

Cure Ft Bolt

S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel W/0.689" Pwr Insert

Compatible With All Pwr Inserts

Next Gen Mme Electronics Package

Self-Locating Low-Rise Feedneck

180r Mech Frame Kit

Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R

The Planet Eclipse 180R comes conveniently packed in a protective carrying case, which can be used to carry and protect the marker from your home to the field. The PE180R also comes with a single .689 insert and is compatible with the FreakXL barrel inserts or could even be upgraded to the PWR Barrel Inserts. The 180R is a great option if you already have other paintball equipment and don't need the extras included in the GTEK 180R package.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Tournament Package

The Planet Eclipse GTEK tournament package gives players everything they need to begin dominating the field from day one. In addition to the PE 180R, the tournament package includes the Dye i5 goggle, the Virtue Spire loader, and the Ninja Lite 68/4500 carbon fiber HPA tank.

The Dye i5 goggle is one of the leading goggles on the market with excellent field of view and thermal lenses to prevent fogging. The Virtue Spire loader is also a favorite among avid players and professionals alike because of its programmability and continuous feed system. Finally, the Ninja Lite is an excellent lightweight high-pressure air tank that will keep you shooting for somewhere between 12 - 13 pods worth of paint.

The 180R is incredibly efficient, and the Ninja Lite is the perfect air tank accessory for the marker. Buying all of these items together will save you time and money, so you don't have to buy each piece separately. You'll be ready to hit the field running from day on