Paintball Goggle Repair Kits

JT Goggle Strap


  • Bandana Blue
  • Bandana Red
  • Bandana White
  • Blue / Black
  • +25
JT Sublimated Goggle Strap


  • Urban Camo Grey
  • Urban Camo Desert
  • Urban Camo Blue
  • Urban Camo Red
Dye i5 Replacement Foam Kit


  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
Dye i4/i5 Wing Visor


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Cyan
  • Black/Gold
  • Black/Lime
  • +1
Push Unite Universal Magnetic Chinstrap
Push Unite Universal Magnetic Chinstrap

$22.46 $24.95

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
724 Customs Universal Goggle Strap
724 Customs Universal Goggle Strap

$14.95 $29.95

  • PB Swag Bag Stay Fresh
Dye GSR Pro Strap


  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Lime
  • +1
Push Unite Goggle Strap
Push Unite Goggle Strap

$25.16 $27.95

  • Black Camo
  • Blue Camo
  • Patriot
  • Purple Camo
  • +10

Paintball Goggle Repair Kit

After months or years of use, inevitably your paintball goggles will take a beating and may need a bit of repair. Different parts of your goggles can become damaged, such as the goggle foam, the lenses, the head and chin straps, or even the visors. The good news is that most paintball goggles are very modular so if one part becomes damaged, you don’t have to worry about getting an entirely new goggle system. Paintball repair kits make these repairs cheap, easy and quick. Players should note, however, that many goggle replacement parts are brand and model specific and may not be universal. The exception to this are the head straps (in most cases). 

Replacement Foam

Over time, paintball goggles can show signs of wear and tear, especially in the foam area, leading to issues ranging from unpleasant odors to safety hazards. Accumulation of sweat and dirt can make the goggles smell bad. More importantly, if the foam becomes overly compressed, it can pose a danger during gameplay. The foam serves not just for comfort but also as a shock absorber, reducing the impact of paintballs.

Worn-out foam lessens this protection, increasing the risk of discomfort and injury from paintballs hitting the face and head. Some replacement foam is as easy as snapping out old foam, and snapping in the new. Others, however, require the use of adhesives and solvents to remove the old foam and adhere the new foam. 

Replacement Straps

Paintball goggle straps, while durable, are susceptible to wear and tear from factors like sweat, stretching, dirt, and paint exposure. Eventually, they require replacement or updating. Additionally, changing the strap is a useful way to differentiate your mask from others during game breaks. Lone Wolf Paintball offers a range of fully adjustable straps that can accommodate almost any head size.

Replacement Chin Straps

Chinstraps, like the HK Army Magtek Magnetic Universal Chin Strap and the Push Unite Universal Magnetic Chinstrap, are valuable additions to goggles, ensuring they stay securely on your face and don't come off when hit by a paintball.

Padded Straps

Padded straps like the Dye GSR Pro Strap and the HK Army CTX Universal Goggle Strap Pad offer superior comfort and protection for goggle users. They allow for precise adjustments to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The broad design of these straps distributes pressure evenly across the head, enhancing grip and comfort. The adjustment mechanisms make them a preferred choice in goggle strap technology, delivering unparalleled performance and comfort.


Visors are helpful for keeping sun, rain, and debris out of your eyes and they add an additional layer of defense from grazing headshots. The Dye i4/i5 Wing Visor is an excellent accessory that can be fitted to Dye i4 and Dye i5 (among other) goggles. This wing visor is lightweight yet sturdy enough to take a direct hit from a paintball. Designed by Billy Wing himself, the Wing Visor is a great addition to your Dye goggle system.