Luxe/Ion/Impulse Freak XL Barrels

Luxe/Ion/Impulse Freak XL Barrels

Barrel tips and barrel inserts are crucial in paintball for enhancing accuracy and efficiency. The barrel tip's design, including length and porting, influences the paintball's trajectory by providing a smooth pathway and reducing turbulence. Barrel inserts, on the other hand, match the bore size to the paintball, ensuring a consistent fit and minimizing air leakage for improved performance. By optimizing these factors, players can achieve better accuracy and shot consistency while maximizing the efficient use of air or gas. Furthermore, barrel tips and inserts offer customization and versatility. Players can experiment with different lengths, designs, and bore sizes to suit their playing style and field conditions. To see just how important barrel tips and barrel inserts are, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Freak XL Barrel Inserts

Freak XL Barrel inserts come in a number of different presentations that promote increased accuracy, range, and precision. The Freak XL Boremaster barrel inserts come in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is a bit more robust even though it weighs more. The aluminum barrel inserts are lighter than the stainless steel barrel inserts. However, they may bend a bit more easily than the stainless steel inserts. Given the precision machining to the 1/1000th of an inch, any bending could render the insert useless.

In addition to the different materials of the barrel inserts, Freak also offers barrel inserts with a “boom treatment” which makes the barrel nearly frictionless and prevents dust and broken paint from sticking. The Ultra Silk Boom Juice Treatment increases velocity by reducing friction and will allow players to shoot through broken balls with ease. This advanced formula is heat activated and, when applied, totally penetrates the barrel inserts and fills in any imperfections and open pores. The result is a dry film that forms a strong bond with the surfaces, creating an exceptionally sleek interior finish that repels dirt, dust, and shattered paint.

Finally, the Infamous Edition Freak Barrel Inserts surpass standard Stainless Steel inserts due to the utilization of a case-hardening process. This process, known as nitrocarburizing, enhances the inserts' wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and lubricity. Unlike anodizing or plating methods, the nitride process has no impact on the insert's tolerances or weight and guarantees a long-lasting, non-flaking surface. By subjecting the Infamous inserts to this treatment, their surface hardness can increase by up to 300% compared to the base stainless material. Additionally, the stainless steel takes on a distinctive black color, further enhancing its visual appeal and durability.

Freak Barrel Tips

The Freak barrel tip systems revolutionized the paintball industry by offering unmatched portability, performance, and flexibility. Unlike other systems that rely on numerous barrel backs, the Freak system effortlessly accommodates varying paint sizes and qualities, eliminating the need for a cumbersome gear bag. The Freak XL barrel system further enhances efficiency and consistency with its control bores and the barrel fronts are designed to withstand challenging conditions, including rough weather, mud, and even paint fill. For a full review of Freak’s barrel tips, check out our helpful YouTube video review below: