Top 10 Tips for Paintball Beginners | Top Beginner Mistakes

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I'm gonna bringing you The Top 10 Tips for Paintball Beginners.

[Mark] You got 10 tips?

I got at least 10, I think, yeah.

[Mark] What's your first one?

Oh, the first one, a paintball beginner. You get out there, you're excited. Probably, maybe for a second time at the field, you get out there and you take your mask off. It happens all the time. I'm sure you guys have seen it hundreds of times over and over. Even if you're an experienced speed ballplayer you see a rental group off to the side of bachelor party, a birthday party. Someone in their group took their mask off and they got yelled at by the referee. So first off guys, don't take your mask off on the field. You only have two eyes, so you're gonna need them things. Paintballs travel around 200 miles per hour, some points in time. So you get shot, it's not gonna be good, you're gonna get yelled at and probably ejected by the referee or the field that you're playing at if you do it more than once. So tip number one.

[Mark] But I can take them off in between games while I'm on the field, right? Yes, you can take them off in between games while you're in the staging area. Never while there's active paintball going on on the field.

[Mark] But it mean our whole group kind of stopped? We're good stuff.

Ooh, keep your goggles on. And any time you're in an active playing area it doesn't matter if the game has been called until you reach a safe zone or a staging area. Keep the goggles on your face. Like I said, you only have two eyes you're gonna want to keep those. Next up, speaking about a mask, a goggle fog is very very important. You go out and you play your first time. You maybe use a rental goggle, cool and fine, cool and fine if you really gonna get into the sport of paintball. For the love of everything, please buy yourself a goggle that has a thermal lens. You're gonna want that dual pane anti-fog lens. Nothing worse than going out there and not, you got a single paint lens in your fog and you can't see anything. Hence, why people probably wanna lift their goggles. I couldn't see, I got shot in the face, whatever the case may be. If you're gonna get into paintball as a beginner buy yourself first your own mask. Don't use a rental after you know you like it. And then secondly, make sure that mask has a dual pane thermal lens. So no doubt about it. Number three tip I'm gonna say is still kinda going with the mastery which it's big. If you can't see, you can't play or shoot anybody out there. Microfibers and even barrel swabs. If you're out there, you're gonna get dirty. Yeah, unfortunately, sometimes you're probably gonna get shot. Center, side of the goggle. Microfiber to clean your goggle. And then also a barrel swab to keep in your pants. So if you break a paint inside of the gun that you're using, you can barrel swap that out. So the next couple shots are gonna be accurate and you're not just doing curveballs and breaking more paint inside. So make sure you gotta microfiber cloth or something of the sort and then a barrel squeegee, a barrel swab, whatever you wanna call it.

[Mark] And they're not expensive, right?


[Mark] The swab is what, 12 bucks?

They're all around the 10-ish dollar mark, depending on what you're getting and how fancy you wanna be.

[Mark] And microfibers, you can buy a field one for what?

10 bucks.

[Mark] 12, 10, 15 bucks depending, or you can get a cheap batch from Amazon.

Correct, exactly. It doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be paintball related. Make sure you get something smooth to wipe off your lens with and something to clean out your barrel in case you do brake paint. Next up, gonna be number four, a change of clothes. You're gonna get dirty, whether it's raining or muddy or you just got, you know, unfortunately, you got filled with a lot of paint on your clothes. You're gonna wanna change to bring with you to get back into the car or wherever who you know, whoever's driving you guys. I see a lot of parents, birthday party, stuff like that. Kids just get nasty, filthy dirty. And then the parents are kinda looking around like, I don't want you to get back in my car. Bring a change of clothes with you and you won't be mad about it I can promise you that. Next up, number five, is gonna be relating to the number four, bringing a garbage bag with you. I don't care if you're a new player or a tournament dude, you're gonna want a garbage bag, throw those dirty clothes in a garbage bag. And that way you're consolidated you're not getting a mess all in your car or somebody else's car. Always have a garbage bag. I always keep one in my gear bag. It's one of the scented ones. Just throwing that out there. So once I'm done cleats, everything go in there, take them home, get them washed and you're onto the next day.

[Mark] And it doesn't matter if you have a gear bag or not 'cause you still don't want all that yucky whatever stuff inside your good gear bag, correct?

Or car or wherever you're throwing your dirty clothes. Onto number six now, a very very simple, so simple but it happens all the time. You lost your barrel cover. You're beginner guy out there and you're in the middle of the field. You're in the woods. You'd take your barrel, cover off the gun before the game starts, you throw it on the ground or you lost it. You thought you put it in your pocket pretty good, but it falls out after the game ends. Everyone's walking off the field and the ref's like, where's your barrel cover? And you're doing this looking around. I thought I had it. So probably put it in a zippered pocket if you have it. Keep it somewhere nice and secure that you're not gonna lose it 'cause any field that you play at, they're gonna require a barrel cover on and off the field. So don't lose your barrel cover 'cause it happens all the time. Ooh, baby reeling in with number seven now. Pods, pods are important. Pods hold extra paint on the field for you guys. So let's go with how to fill your pod correctly. We did a nice YouTube video on it go ahead and check it out. So you reached back, you're shot. You're in mid action. You reached back to pull a pod out and then you realize, man, I filled it pretty short. There's already broken paint in there because you didn't fill your pod correctly. You had a bunch of jiggling paint around in there. You broke it while you were running or diving, whatever you're doing. You poured it in your hopper or you just wasted a pod of paint 'cause it's all broken and we can't use it anymore.

[Mark] Yeah, usually I see that happen when the guys are like downs to their last bit of paint in their box.


[Mark] And they're like, well, I'm just gonna fill one as much as I can in the pod. And then the game starts, they start running you hear that chug, chug, chug.

You hear the jiggling, yeah, hmm.

[Mark] And then they go for the surprise and it's like, eiw.

Oh, even if you has. Sometimes it just falls out on you 'cause it's just so loose. So fill your pods nice and tight. Onto number eight. I can't tell you how many times even a woodsball scenario or even on the tournament and you're kind of rushing to get on the field the game's about to start. You forgot to fill your tank back up. Guys, make sure your tank is full. There's been so many times I've seen over the years. People get out there and the next ball match or even scenario, game starts and you get a couple shots off and you realize, I forgot to fill my tank. Always look down if you have a gauge on it which most of you do 'cause we're using high pressure air now. Yeah, make sure you fill your tank. Don't forget about that. Without any air, you're not shooting any paintballs. Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine is next. Dead batteries, guys. Hopper or gun, if you guys are using something electronic. So this was beginner tips. So you played paintball before you like it. You bought a, you know, a beginner speed ball setup or electronic hopper, something like that. The amount of times I've seen people go out there with their electronic gun, dead battery. They forgot to change your battery before starting the day or the hopper thing is probably the most important and my favorite. Oh, man, I've been using these batteries all season. I've never had to change them. Well, you should have probably changed them because you've been using it all season. So I've seen it time and time again. Make sure before you guys go out for a day of play whether just for fun or even a tournament, something like that, change your batteries. Put a new nine-volt in the gun, put some double A's in the hopper, call it a day and just know that you're ready to go. And what is bringing us out to our closing point. Number 10 here, it sounds tacky. Bring extra money with you guys. A lot of beginner packages you see 30, 40, 50 bucks depending on where you're playing and what field, get you your rental and 200 paintballs. You guys, paintball's an adrenaline rush and it's gonna be expensive. You're gonna get out there so excited. And you're gonna shoot through 200 paint balls. And some people right in within the first game. So just make sure you have extra money. Don't think that you're gonna play paintball all day long for 40 bucks because that's, unless you don't like it, then that's fair but it's not realistic. If you go out there and you bring, Mark, I don't know.

[Mark] I mean, I'd bring at least enough for another thousand rounds.

Yeah, at least exactly. There we go. I didn't wanna put a price point I just, bring enough for a thousand rounds. Educate yourself on where you guys are going. What field you're at? Kinda look up online, what their price points are. Just make sure that you're not relying all day on that 200 paint ball like starter package 'cause you're gonna go through it way too quick. And then, you're gonna be very sad that you don't have any more paint and you're gonna have to set out for the day.

[Mark] Yeah, especially, if you're gonna be playing all day.

For sure, yeah, you got a two or three-hour private party scheduled or you just wanna check out the local field. So make sure you guys have enough money for paint 'cause it's not cheap. Thanks for watching. These are my Top 10 Tips for Beginner Paintballers and Mark what do they do next?

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Okay, we're outta here guys. Thanks for watching.

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