Complete Set of HK Army Crash Pads

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I am bringing you an overview of some paintball protective gear; the HK Army Crash Arm Pads, HK Army Crash Knee Pads, the HK Army Crash Slider Shorts and the HK Army Crash Chest Protector.

So guys, first off we have a new and improved online store. Don’t forget these are gonna be available there. Are we even doing that anymore Mark? What do you think?

[Mark] Yeah, you could be online.

We have a new and improved site so go check it out guys, search features, you name it, just, I’m not gonna spoil it all, you go check it out. So let’s get out on this video, crash pads. I’ve got chest protectors. I’ve got elbow pads with built in half-hands. I’ve got some knee pads. And then I’ve got, which most men enjoy, the Slider Shorts with upfront protection. Ta da. All right, so let’s go on. Mark, where should I start? Which one?

HK Army Crash Chest Protector

[Mark] Ah, chest.


[Mark] Save protector for last.

All right, safety first, here we go. So guys, yes, this is the HK Army Crash Chest Protector. So people are thinking like, why would I need that? We get a lotta younger players that come into our store, we get female players as well. We get all sorts of players that just want a little extra protection up top, if they’ve never played before or if that’s just what they want. So don’t be hating, just be glad they’re out there playing paintball. Let me pull this off the hanger here real quick. 

These retail for $59.95. And it does have, obviously, padded shoulders here. Nice little HK Army logo. The front actually, I’m very impressed by. Completely padded, I mean it’s pretty thick, meant to take a good little impact and not leave any bruises or welts on you whatsoever. 

Shoulder obviously on this side and then even the back too. Even the back has some padded protection for ya, so this thing is very, very durable. Other than that, I mean, I don’t say, what do you think Mark, would you wear one of these doing photography on the field?

[Mark] Yeah.

Or videography?

[Mark] Yeah, I think it would be great protection, I get shot in the back a lot from players that can’t aim.

He does, he definitely does get shot a lot in the back and even in the front, man, when you’re doing field footage out there. So we carried some other chest protectors in the past, these are the newest ones that we have in stock. I feel like they do great protection on the shoulders, the front is all the way down to literally the bottom of your stomach, fully padded in this area, like I said.

[Mark] I can have abs.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

[Mark] I can actually have abs.

Yeah, Mark could wear this out to a nightclub, you know, and then just put a tight t-shirt over top, he’d be ripped. And then even in the back, all the way, top, near the back of the neck, and then also all the way down here as well. So HK Army Crash Protector, $59.95. Set that off to the side.

HK Army Crash Arm Pads

Let’s go onto these elbow pads, man, I mean, the reason we’re shooting this video is because a lotta people ask, “What pads do you recommend?” Are we talking Dye, are we talking Exo, are we talking HK, are we talking? The list goes on. These are truly like some very, very firm and thick pads here. Mark, you wanna give it a little squeeze? Oh he’s got a Band-Aid on his hand, he’s hurting. Like they’re very, if you take a dive in the snake, or if you’re crawling around in the woods playing a scenario game, these things are super thick. 

They do come with a padded half-hand as well, so it’s very, very nice. And then obviously it’s HK, you’re slick, you’re ag, everything’s looking good. These ones also retail $59.95. And let me just, what I’m gonna do is pull these off real quick, if I can get one to come out, because the thing that HK does, is they like to include nice straps. Uh God, they’re just so tight in here. 

Okay, we got it out. So if you get a, let’s say, this is what? This is small/medium, too big, too small, it doesn’t matter. They have these nice bands that will pull over and strap into place for you, so once you get the elbow pad on your actual arm, you can use the adjustable Velcro strap to tighten it or loosen it to whatever your liking is. 

And then obviously I really do enjoy, once again, the padded half-hands, your thumb will go through. And these are very, very nice arm pads. HK Army Crash, once again. Doing this video for you guys who’ve asked about it, who’ve asked us multiple times what we recommend for padding. 

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Onto the kneepads, which are also absolutely fantastic with the Velcro. Lets’ see if I can’t get this one off. These more remind me, honestly, of like a volleyball kneepad style. They’re big, I mean they’re super bulky, and even on the inside… All right Mark, I’m calling him one more time, this is it, I swear. Put your hand on the inside of this kneepad, feel how soft that is.

[Mark] Ooooh.

Isn’t that, honestly, it’s nice. It really is nice, obviously when you’re watching this video you can’t get all the feels we’re feeling right now but very, very nice. They’re super padded, they have the strap on the bottom so once you get it on your leg, and you don’t want it to go anywhere, strap that bad boy around. And it’s gonna be nice and tight for ya. And like I said guys, these are very durable, very thick. 

Once again, if you’re diving into the snake, geritol side, or crawl around in the woods for a woodsball game, these things are gonna keep your knees safe. You're gonna get no scars, no bruises, no bloody knees, right Mark?

[Mark] No bloody knees.

No bloody knees, no one wants that. So very, very nice knee pads. These actually retail $59.95. So HK Army Crash knee pads, I would highly suggest them. They’re probably one of the more durable knee pads on the market, just how thick they are, they feel nice on the inside. 

HK Army Crash Slider Shorts

So lastly guys, I’m gonna bring you to, what in my opinion is the most important for the male players of the sport out there, the HK Army Slider Shorts. These retail $59.95 as well currently. And they have plenty of padding, I’m not gonna start out the front, on the sides, go all the way around to the side. And then obviously, even in the buttocks area, you know, nice little padding in the back in case one of your teammates decides to shoot you from there. So obviously, branded logos everywhere, very, very nice, they’re flexible, breathable, which is the greatest thing about ’em. And they can take an impact and you’re not feeling it down below. 

So this is all like that stretch fabric material in this area, it’s almost like a spandex, per se. And then the biggest part about, like I said for the male players out there, you’ve got your frontal protection right here. A nice, very padded area here to keep the boys safe upfront. And what else, Mark, what do you think? I didn’t wanna give it a squeeze on camera but yeah, it’s fully padded up there. So you guys should be protected, you will definitely feel safe wearing these bad boys, the HK Army Crash Slider Shorts. 


So guys I’ve gone over the chest protector, arm pads, knee pads, the Slider Shorts. Once again, HK Army is out there always being one of the leaders in the innovation of the paintball market, the paintball industry, always trying to provide some of the best products in the game. And that’s it. This is the Crash setup, this is what we’ve got. 

Don’t forget, new and improved online store, go check it out. We have the search features, we have a bunch of new product pictures at it. I mean, the site has come a far way from where we were so go check it out guys. Thank you so much for the support and obviously don’t forget to go to buy some of the best lean protein in the game. I wish I had some right now to snack on, Mark. Maybe in the next video. But until then, do you have any final closing words?

[Mark] Yup, for all you fanboys out there, this is the only time you’ll get HK Army on your dick.

Wow, I like that. I like that, and boom, see you guys next time. Lone Wolf Paintball, don’t forget to check it out, thanks guys.