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The 10 Best Paintball Pants of 2024

Paintball is an exhilarating sport that can lead to many hours of adrenaline-pumped action with friends. Yet, paintball can also hurt if you're not correctly equipped! When looking for the best paintball pants, there's a lot to consider. Your pants need to protect you while giving you the flexibility you need. It also doesn't hurt if they're comfortable too! Below, we'll go over 9 of the best paintball pants, as well as discuss the factors you should consider before purchasing. 

1. HK Army TRK Joggers

hk army paintball pants

The TRK Joggers are a strong start with a perfect blend of style and function. As "jogger" paintball pants, the TRKs are cut similarly to track pants. The legs slim towards the ankle, keeping pant legs away from your boots. The TRK is made from a premium poly-knit blend. This makes them lightweight and flexible but also durable. The material is comfortable and breathable. 

The pants come with reinforced knees to take more punishment leaping in and out of cover. The legs are also ventilated, helping you keep cool. HK Army included zipped waterproof pockets in addition to standard side pockets. Please don't stick your brush in them, though! There are dedicated squeegee pockets to keep your pockets paint-free. To top it all off, the pants come with embroidered detailing to add to their style. When it comes to price, the TRK Joggers are middle of the road at about $109.95. Also, be sure to check out our video review below:

2. HK Army Track Joggers

hk army track joggers

Jogger pants are great for fast matches with less emphasis on waiting and covering. If you're looking for affordable paintball pants in this category, HK Army has you covered with the HK Army Track Joggers. These quality pants come in at only $59. Like their newer brethren, the Track Joggers are made of a premium poly-knit blend. These pants have fewer features and are more lightweight to boot. 

The Joggers feature waterproof zipper pockets similar to the TRKs. The Joggers also feature zipped, waterproof ankle cuffs. These can be opened if you need a little bit of ventilation on a hot day! The Track Jogger still maintains the same slim profile, though. The Track Jogger shares the same black and gray aesthetic as the TRK. It comes with its own unique embroidered designs as well. We've covered these pants in a video review which you can see below:

3. HK Army HSTL Pants

hk army hstl pants

If you're looking for something more sporty, the HK Army HSTL Pants are a great pick. These paintball pants were made for comfort. With their lightweight material and breathable mesh interior, the HSTL pants will keep you cool in a busy match. The mesh seat of the pants provides excellent flexibility as well. The outer padding covering the rest of the pants is exceptionally durable. Padded legs will keep you free of welts, while the padded groin will keep more sensitive areas safe. 

The sportier design of these pants lends way to more reinforcement at the waist. Belt loops are included as well if you want to use belts and pouches for equipment. The HSTL comes with padded knees for rough matches in choppy terrain. The legs come in a slimmer profile and feature an adjustable ankle. The ankle can be tightened and secured with velcro to keep from dragging. In all, these versatile paintball pants will run you around $109. We've reviewed these pants and their matching jersey on YouTube which you can view below:

4. Exalt T4 Pants

exalt t4 paintball pants

For sportier pants with more to boast about, you should check out the Exalt T4. The T4 offers a great deal of protective padding. With pads at the hips and groin, you won't have to worry about welts. The T4 also comes with kevlar-reinforced padded knees! These pants feature mesh "flex zones" to protect you without getting in the way. The mesh lines the interior of the pants as well. The breathable mesh helps vent heat from your pants to keep you cool. 

The T4 comes with dual drawstrings in place of typical button snaps. The drawstrings are not only more durable but more easily adjustable. It's hard for these paintball pants not to fit well! The T4 features zipper thigh pockets for carrying extra equipment. The pants also feature dual swap pockets to keep your gear paint-free. This pair of versatile paintball pants will cost you roughly $109. Make sure to check out our video review below too!

5. HK Army V2 Freeline Joggers

hk army freeline joggers

If you're looking for quality and versatility, the V2 Freeline Joggers are a superior choice. These paintball pants by HK Army use cutting-edge fabrics. These fabrics are flexible but also extremely lightweight! This allows for padded flex zones that don't compromise your protection. The tapered jogger fit flows into elastic ankles that keep pant legs from dragging. The adjustable velcro waist belt helps ensure a comfortable fit. 

The breathable mesh liner makes the pants comfortable to wear and wicks moisture away. Ventilation in the legs and crotch relieves you of excess heat to help keep you cool. The V2 Freeline Joggers feature ballistic kevlar padded knees, as well as a padded crotch for extra protection. These high-quality paintball pants will run you somewhere in the ballpark of $179. For more on these pants and their relaxed-fit variant, check out our video review below:

6. Infamous Trainer Joggers

infamous paintball joggers

If you're looking for simple but effective pants, Infamous' Trainer Joggers are a perfect choice. These joggers were designed to be no-nonsense paintball pants. Their lightweight material makes them flexible and durable. The pants come with back pockets, as well as swab pockets. The drawstring waist rib-stitch ankles ensure a comfortable fit without frills. 

These joggers certainly don't lack style, though. The Trainers come with sublimated designs along the legs and waist. These durable but straightforward paintball pants cost $99, making them a solid middle-of-the-road choice. Make sure to check out our video review below for more details:

7. Infamous Team 1 Pro Joggers

infamous team 1 pro joggers

Simple doesn't necessarily need to mean conceding quality. The Infamous Team 1 Pro Joggers certainly prove that. These thoughtfully engineered pants were designed to take a beating in competitive matches. Lightweight but durable 4-way stretch fabric moves with you even in rough conditions. The sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry and dries out quickly. 

The Team 1 pants feature the same comfort-fit waist and ankles as the Trainers. The Team 1's, however, feature Weatherproof YKK zippered pockets. These durable pockets will keep gear or valuables safe and sound in any arena. In addition to their eye-catching designs, the Pro Joggers also feature velcro loops. These loops can be used for your favorite Velcro patch!

8. HK Army Hardline Pants

hk army hardline joggers

For rugged pants ready for the most demanding competition, the HK Army Hardline pants are a strong lead. A mixture of fabrics provides a balance of flexibility and protection. On average, though, these pants have a bit more in terms of impact point coverage. Breathable mesh ventilates the legs and crotch without sacrificing flexibility. Zippered leg ventilation allows you to add extra ventilation when needed.

Between the Hardline's six integrated pockets, you won't lack space for your paintball equipment. Flexible ballistic kevlar knee padding, meanwhile, helps you kneel without too much strain. These rugged and ready paintball pants cost $164.

9. HK Army TRK Joggers - Chad YAYA Bouchez Series

hk army joggers chad yaya

If you've read through this list, you might have noticed a lot of black hues. If you're looking for a bit more color in your paintball pants, look no further than the TRK Jogger Chad YAYA Bouchez series! These stylish paintball pants come with the versatility and durability of HK Army's earlier entry. Their lightweight material is flexible and breathable, making these pants comfortable to wear. 

The Chad YAYA Bouchez series comes with a custom gold coloration. These pants feature leopard print vertical leg designs for a unique flair you can't miss. Embroidered detailing adds an extra touch to bring the aesthetic together. These undeniably stylish paintball pants cost $119. Be sure to check out the other Chad YAYA Bouchez gear in our video review below!

10. Carbon CC Pants


Last but not least are the Carbon CC pants. Here at Lone Wolf Paintball, we love everything Carbon because of the high-quality materials used in every one of their products. These pants are extremely breathable and flexible while still being robust enough to withstand the demands of a vigorous round of paintball. The great thing about these pants is that they have the fit of joggers, however, they also have the reinforcement that players want and need in all the right places. These pants currently retail for $150, and while they are on the expensive side of the selections on this list, we think that they’re well worth the investment. For more information on the Carbon CC pants, take a look at our comprehensive review video below:

Things To Consider When Looking For Paintball Pants

Suggestions help, but if you're new to paintball, you might not know what to look for in your gear.

When it comes to paintball pants, you need to strike a balance between form and function. Your pants need to protect you not just from paintballs but the elements as well. They'll also need to be flexible and fit properly, or you'll spend the entire match in misery!

There are three key factors to consider with any pair of paintball pants.


Consider the environment that you're playing in when looking at the materials of your paintball pants. Thicker fabrics, while offering more protection against paintballs, might not vent as well. On the other hand, lighter materials might not absorb impacts.

Most dedicated paintball pants combine multiple materials to strike that essential balance. They might feature lighter materials in flex areas or mesh to create ventilation zones. 


Ultimately, your pants need to fit well to provide balanced performance. Ideally, you need a secure but not overly tight waist. You'll often be carrying lots of gear and need the extra support. Sagging pants can lead to tripping.

Additionally, you'll need to ensure that your pants aren't too tight or too loose. If you prefer a looser fit to your paintball pants, make sure to find a pair with elastic or velcro-secured ankles. On the inverse, don't make your pants too tight, or you could restrict movement.


The material of your pants matters a lot when it comes to protection. Some pants offer padding around typical impact zones such as the legs and hips. Others offer dedicated protection for sensitive areas like the groin. 

Knee padding is essential for more than paintball protection. You'll be ducking in and out of cover a lot and knee pads help reduce the strain from these many posture changes!

Final Thoughts

Paintball pants are only the start of your kit. Lone Wolf Paintball has you covered on your pants, guns, and more when it comes to paintball equipment. We're paintball enthusiasts at our core, and we want to put the best gear in your hands!

Check out our selection of paintball pants, gloves, and other protective gear today.