The 5 Most Epic Paintball Fields In The US

The 5 Most Epic Paintball Fields In The US

Paintball is one of the fastest-growing sports around the US. Because of its fast-paced play and connection with the outdoors, more people than ever are picking up the sport in the pursuit of fun, health, and camaraderie.

If you’ve just started playing paintball, you may be looking for a field to call home. However, if you’re a more seasoned painter, you could be looking to build a bucket list of must-visit fields to play on. Here are the best five fields you and your friends can visit around the United States.

Hollywood Sports Park - Bellflower, CA

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Sports Park

Of course, this iconic field had to be first on the list. Pros, celebrities, and paintball enthusiasts worldwide call this field home, and for good reason; with ten different fields (some bordering on mil-sim) and a speedball field, HSP offers an unbeatable paintball experience. Many of their fields feature genuine movie props or (like the Mad Max field) are based on movies for a fully-immersive experience.

In addition to the fields, HSP has attractions for those not inclined towards paintball–a rockwall, laser-tag, volleyball, and a bar to relax and recharge. For future paintballers who are still a little too young, HSP offers PaintballSoft–a smaller and slower projectile–and Gelly Attack, which doesn’t hurt at all.

Lone Wolf West - Metamora, MI

The Lone Wolf West field located in Michigan was created in the early 1980’s under the name of the “Forbidden Zone.” Ten years later, Lone Wolf acquired the land and has slowly but surely added structures to improve gameplay. The main attraction of this field is its immense size–40 acres–which creates an unparalleled location for gameplay in the Great Lakes region. 

A single game can last hours as players sneak through some of the most challenging and unique terrain of any paintball field around. Additionally, every year 100’s players get together for the famous “Alien Invasion” gameplay where teams battle it out in a woodsball course. 

Skirmish Fields - Albrightsville, PA

Photo courtesy of Skirmish Fields

Skirmish fields is one of the most jaw-dropping places to play paintball in the country. Situated among the Appalachian mountains' foothills, Skirmish Fields offer a truly astonishing amount of space. Fifty distinct fields are scattered among 700+ acres of rolling hills and wandering streams, providing the perfect space for paintball tournaments.

Skirmish Fields has furnished their fields with a wide array of structures for an unparalleled paintball experience. Players can shelter in tanks, shoot from old airplanes, run through shipping containers, and defend their choice of two different castles on these grounds. If this weren’t enough, there are four different field types: structured, wooded, speedball, and a hybrid mix.

Every year, Skirmish hosts three of the most significant events in the paintball world. In March, the Battle of Stalingrad takes place in complex terrain and when the weather in Pennsylvania can change from beautiful to freezing on a dime. In July, the Invasion of Normandy attracts over 4000 players to occupy the fields and re-enact the famous World War 2 beach invasion. 

Depending on which side wins the Invasion of Normandy (East or West), the final mass scenario game is the Battle of Berlin (or Britain) held in October. Approximately 1000 players get together to settle the score in this game and see which team is truly the best.

Throughout these scenario games, vendors arrive so that players can trick out their markers before, during, and after gameplay to increase their chances of winning. Players are also invited to decompress after a long day of painting in the picnic area, where food and beverages are available

Paintball Explosion - Dundee, IL

Photo courtesy of Paintball Explosion

Paintball Explosion is one of the best courses in the country because of the apparent forethought that has gone into each excellent map. Players will recognize the iconic “Nuketown” which is Paintball Explosion’s take on the popular CoD: Modern Warfare 2 map. The map features two houses and, as in the game, a bus that occupies the middle territory between the two bases.

The other six maps offer interesting backstories that determine how the games will be played. For example, the Code Black nuclear launch field is the perfect setting for a “capture and defend” game scenario where players must hold the territory at all costs. The “Nam” field, the most extensive field available, lends itself to elimination rounds, and the “Turmoil” field is an ideal setting for a game of capture the flag.

D-Day Adventure Park - Wyandotte, OK

Photo courtesy of Paintball Explosion

D-Day Adventure Park finds its niche in one of the most exciting paintball applications: multi-day mil-sim events. D-day frequently brings in third parties with former military who specialize in running mil-sim events. These different events attract thousands of players from all around the country and even internationally. The event is held on D-Day’s 740 acres of space–more than enough area to hold the myriad of players that show up for each event.

More frequently than not, these mil-sim events will run for two to three days and attract various playing styles–juggernauts, snipers, grenadiers, and infantrymen. In addition, each event has a multi-path storyline that can change based on the outcome of the different stages during the different days. This storyline adds an extra layer of excitement beyond simple objective completion.


The growing panorama of paintball fields in the USA is encouraging and shows no signs of slowing down. There is something for every playing style and preference, from traveling professionals to afternoon plinkers. Perhaps what is most exciting to us paintballers are the growing number of multi-day mil-sim events that draw people from all across the country. Events like these give everyone permission to forget the stress of home and work and blow off a little steam (or Co2) with their friends.

Even if you don’t live close to one of these destination locations, chances are you have a paintball field that is within a half-hour of your house. To get equipped to play some of these fantastic fields, visit Lone Wolf Paintball to purchase the best equipment on the market. We have the best new markers, protective equipment, and upgrades. Best of luck on your next paintball adventure!