Lone Wolf's Picks: Top 3 Paintball Vests

Lone Wolf's Picks: Top 3 Paintball Vests

Paintball vests help protect you during gameplay and carry the necessary ammunition and accessories for ultimate victory. Many players customize their paintball vests with color and the number of pouches. Some of the best paintball vests include the Valken Bravo Tactical, the Planet Eclipse Load Vest, and the Tippmann Sport Vest

Why Use Paintball Vests

Different paintball vests have different purposes. A paintball army vest could imitate the gear worn by U.S. soldiers, for example, and come in handy during military simulation scenarios. On the flip side, players may invest in general paintball vests, such as a paintball tactical vest, for games of various scenarios. No matter what type of paintball game you play, a paintball vest can mean the difference between painful hits and running out of critical gear at the worst time. 


Paintballs can sting, especially at close range. Your center mass must absorb the majority of the shots you take, so having a paintball vest you can rely on can reduce those impacts significantly. Even the slightest amount of padding can make a difference. 

In addition, a paintball vest can cover more of your body than most other types of gear. At the same time, these vests present the best opportunity for carrying gear into the field. Most players consider a paintball vest as a versatile accessory that’s well worth the additional weight.  


Friendly matches don’t often require the use of full gear. However, when it comes time to load out your gear and prepare for a simulated battle, a paintball tactical vest earns its keep. A paintball pod vest, for instance, can carry all the necessary ammunition for a prolonged game. Players who tether their markers require a paintball vest with a tank pouch to carry their air supply.  

Long woodsball games often require a durable and versatile paintball vest to make the most of your time. Paintball vests also allow players to carry additional accessories. This could include items such as a water bottle, extra magazines or pods, a radio, grenades, or even a map. The more usable storage you can achieve with a paintball vest, the better experience you’ll have. 

Our Top 3 Paintball Vests

Choosing the right paintball vest for you can present a challenge. To help you find the best paintball vest for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top tactical vests you can choose from. These vests include the Valken Bravo Tactical vest, the Planet Eclipse Load Vest, and the Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest.

Valken Bravo Tactical

paintball vest

Sometimes the most basic setup works the best. That’s why we’ve included the Valken Bravo Tactical paintball vest on our list. Don’t let the basic features fool you. Players can dominate the field with ease with a paintball vest like this one. 

Sturdy buckles and a variety of pockets characterize this paintball tactical vest. Four pouches up front carry magazines or pods of your choosing. A single pocket on the left side can carry smaller accessories. The smooth back allows you to easily strap a backpack on without worrying about creating a large profile. In addition, each of the buckling straps adjusts to fit your personal contouring. 

Planet Eclipse Load Vest

paintball vest

Fans of camouflage should definitely check out the Planet Eclipse Tactical Load Vest. This paintball vest blends a dynamic pattern with plenty of pouches and pockets to carry all the essentials. Velcro patches on the mag pouches and upper pockets even allow for morale patches. In addition, the vest incorporates a drag loop on the back for a more authentic look.  

Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest

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Wearing a padded paintball vest can quickly drench you in sweat. The Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest incorporates a mesh base with digital camo for the best of both worlds. This vest zips in the front, allowing players to quickly move in and out of it if necessary. The different types of pouches and their corresponding sizes accommodate a variety of accessories. This includes mags, grenades, and whatever else players may need in the field. Across the back, you’ll find a pouch specifically designed for carrying an air tank horizontally as well.  

Paintball Vest Accessories

One of the easiest ways to pick out the best paintball vest for you requires taking stock of what you want to carry. A paintball tactical vest can carry several different accessories. It all depends on what type of paintball game you’re engaging in and your playing style. For example, a paintball vest with a tank pouch works well for those who require an extra air supply during gameplay. 

Pod Packs

Players may also want to carry extra paintballs within their tactical vests. Paintball pod packs within close reach can speed up reloading at critical points during the game. They can also help protect players from painful torso hits. Search for a paintball pod vest, specifically if having ammunition at the ready ranks at the top of your list. 

Water Bottle and Canteen

A paintball army vest with the capacity for a water bottle can keep you hydrated without weighing you down. Fierce competition can quickly sap your strength and leave you drenched in sweat. Depending on what type of water bottle or canteen you choose, you can hydrate on the go without having to worry about digging through a backpack. 

In addition, players can also customize their water bottles or canteens. Staying hydrated becomes easier when you’re reminded of why you play and even who you play with. Whichever paintball tactical vest you choose, don’t overlook the importance of a water bottle. 


A paintball pod vest can easily hold paintball magazines as well. These paintball mag vests store extra paintballs until go time. Woodsball players find these tactical vests especially useful, considering a magazine could mean the difference between conquering the enemy and falling prey to their fire. 


Choosing the best paintball vest for you takes some time and window shopping. However, investing in a quality paintball vest can improve your performance and the game’s enjoyability. For the best selection in paintball vests and other protective gear, check out Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store. With so many styles to choose from and combinations to try, you can easily customize your paintball vest to fit your personality without having to break your budget.