How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

“How far can this thing shoot?” is one of the first questions that any red-blooded paintballer asks when handling a paintball gun. The answer depends on a number of different factors such as air pressure, barrel style and more. However, this question is mostly a theoretical one since all fields have an FPS restriction. However, taking off all restrictions, how fast and far could your paintball go?

Paintball Range and Speed

To fully understand paintball gun capabilities, it is essential to know the following key concepts: safe range, effective range, and absolute range.

  • Safe Range: This term refers to the maximum distance at which a paintball can travel and still be considered safe upon impact. Generally, paintball guns are designed to shoot at a velocity of approximately 280 FPS. At this speed, paintballs can cause minimal injury or damage when proper safety gear is used. The safe range varies depending on factors such as terrain, wind, and paintball quality.
  • Effective Range: The effective range is the distance at which a paintball can accurately hit a target. For most paintball guns, the effective range falls between 75 and 150 feet. Beyond this distance, paintball trajectory and accuracy become less reliable. Effective range is also influenced by the quality of the marker and kind of propulsion (CO2 or HPA). Higher quality markers will have better accuracy as will those markers that use HPA.
  • Absolute Range: The absolute range is the maximum distance a paintball can travel before losing all momentum and falling to the ground. This range is typically around 200 to 300 feet, depending on factors such as the gun's velocity and environmental conditions. For highest absolute range, players can angle the marker at approximately 45 degrees and shoot. However, all accuracy goes out the window and this is merely an exercise to see whose marker can shoot the farthest.

Here is a video of us shooting the fastest paintball gun ever made

Increasing Your Paintball Gun’s Effective Range: Techniques and Accessories

Many paintball players are interested in increasing their guns' range to gain a competitive edge. Several techniques and accessories can help achieve this goal, such as changing the barrel length, increasing “hop up,” and other strategies.

Players can choose a better barrel or even use barrel inserts to ensure a snug fit for the paintball to the barrel’s bore. A longer barrel allows for better paintball guidance and stability during flight. However, a barrel that is too long may cause a decrease in velocity by causing too much drag and friction on the paintball. Selecting the correct bore size ensures an optimal fit between the paintball and the barrel, which can significantly improve accuracy as well as effective range.

Using Flatline and Apex barrel systems are also excellent ways of increasing a paintball gun’s effective range. These specialized barrel systems can increase a paintball gun's range by putting a backspin on the paintball, causing it to travel in a more level trajectory. This reduces the effect of gravity and air resistance on the paintball, allowing it to travel further before dropping.

For increased shot consistency and accuracy, Using an HPA tank instead of a traditional CO2 tank can be an excellent option. HPA has more consistency than CO2 and this consistency can, in turn, increase the effective range of a paintball gun.

Finally, modifying a paintball gun's velocity can extend its range, but doing so should be approached with caution and not for use during an actual paintball game. Increasing velocity may cause paintballs to break upon impact or inflict injury. It is essential to adhere to safety guidelines and not exceed recommended velocities.

First Strike Paintballs: Revolutionizing Range and Accuracy

For players who want the absolute maximum accuracy and range, first strike paintballs and first strike markers are the way to go. 

First Strike Design

The design of First Strike paintballs allows them to fly further and more accurately than traditional paintballs. These paintballs have an aerodynamic shape and stabilizing fins which set them apart from other paint munitions. In addition to being more aerodynamic, they have a more streamlined shape compared to conventional round paintballs. This design reduces air resistance and allows them to maintain a flatter trajectory over longer distances. These paintballs are also equipped with stabilizing fins that help maintain a steady flight path. The fins have the same function that rifling in a normal firearm barrel has and causes the projectiles to spin which significantly enhances accuracy.


First strike paintballs can effectively double the range of a paintball gun, with some users reporting accurate shots at distances of over 300 feet. However, first strike paintballs require paintball guns that are specifically made for first strike rounds. These rounds can’t simply be loaded into a regular marker as they’ll just get stuck or break in the barrel. Most frequently these markers look like milsim markers and are frequently used in multi-day scenario events. As a result, the increased range and accuracy offered by first strike paintballs can change the dynamics of a paintball game, providing a more tactical experience. Snipers and long-range players, in particular, can benefit from using first strike paintballs to pick off opponents from a distance while remaining hidden.

Safety Considerations and Limitations

While maximizing the range and speed of a paintball gun can provide a competitive edge, it is essential to consider the safety implications. The increased range achieved by using first strike paintballs or other range-enhancing accessories may result in higher impact velocities. Players should always chono their markers before entering the field and never adjust the velocity after chronoing. Doing so could lead to more painful impacts, or even injury and may result in permanent bans from paintball fields and injury lawsuits in extreme cases. When using paintball guns with enhanced range, it is crucial to ensure that all players wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and padding. Additionally, adhering to the recommended safe velocities and following local regulations is vital for maintaining a safe and enjoyable paintball experience.


The best way to maximize the range and accuracy of your gun is to use the correct marker modifications like barrel inserts and HPA. First strike paintball guns are also an excellent way to enjoy paintball as a more tactical and precise player. To get the best selection of paintball marker modifications, first strike gear, and protective paintball equipment, visit the Lone Wolf Paintball Online store. We have curated the best selection of high-performance paintball equipment on the market and have made it available to you at the lowest prices. Happy paintballing!