Best Places to Play Paintball in Michigan

Best Places to Play Paintball in Michigan

Michigan is one of the most beautiful and underrated states in America. The state boasts more coastline than any other state in the contiguous 48 states, with rolling hills in the north, dunes in the west, stony beaches to the east, and miles of forest in the south. Michigan is truly a paintballer’s dream, especially when it comes to woodsball or outdoor paintball adventure. With such a bounty of environments, it is hard to pick the best paintball fields but read on to see our favorite places!

#1 Lone Wolf Paintball: Metamora

metamora field

Paintball fans in the Clinton township area will be familiar with this iconic Michigan paintball field. Their retail store is also a one-stop-shop for paintball newbies and pros alike. However, Lone Wolf boasts a 40-acre paintball field that has been in operation for nearly four decades. Here you’ll find a stunning variety of terrain that make it a great spot to play with friends or join one of their larger monthly events.

Metamora is open from April and closes in November, with open play scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays. However, Metamora can be reserved for private parties or competitions. No equipment? No problem. Lone Wolf Paintball has an incredible selection of equipment that you can rent or purchase depending on your needs.

#2 Hell Survivors

hell survivors paintball field

Photo courtesy of Hell Survivors 

Hell Survivors is one of Michigan’s oldest and largest paintball fields, with over 12 different playing fields scattered across their 180 acres of playing space. The main portion of their field is dedicated to a woodsball style of play. However, Hell Survivors also has a handful of separate fields for fast-paced speedball games. The immense size of the field also attracts players from all across the world for their multi-day paintball events. If you also play airsoft, then you’re in luck too! Hell Survivor’s field welcomes airsoft enthusiasts to come and enjoy their impressive terrain.

This field is also centrally located in Pinkney—about 1 hour west of Detroit  being sandwiched in between Lansing and Ann Arbor. You don’t need to spend hours in the car to visit this fantastic place. Hell Survivors is open from April through October and has minimal dates during the winter months. If you plan to visit from out of town, you can make a reservation to secure your spot. For accommodations, you can stay in a nearby hotel or even camp at Hell Survivor’s field for around $50 per night.

#3 Excalibur

excalibur paintball field

Photo of Excalibur Paintball

Another giant in our paintball lineup is Excalibur Paintball in Battle Creek. This field has been delighting players since 1987 and continues to draw players from across the Midwest. While the outdoor field is relatively undeveloped, it is full of natural barriers, bunkers, and even a castle!

This field is an excellent option for newcomers to paintball who will find knowledgeable staff, sturdy rental equipment, and a great field to ease into paintball. The Excalibur field can be reserved for private events and parties, but open days are available near-weekly for all those interested in coming to play. Free sessions are also regularly organized, which offers an excellent way to enjoy a low-cost Saturday or introduce friends to the sport!

#4 Boyne Mountain Resort

boyne mountain resort paintball

Photo Courtesy of Boyne Mountain Resort

One of Boyne Mountain resort's best–kept secrets is their independently organized paintball field. The only field offered is a woodsball field with large amounts of foliage, natural bunkers, and artificial bunkers to hide behind. You will have to call ahead to the Boyne Mountain Adventure Center to schedule your attendance, but there are scheduled games most Thursdays through Sundays during the summer months.

The great thing about Boyne Mountain’s paintball field is that it's located on Boyne mountain property. If you are traveling from out of town, you can stay on property and enjoy the myriad other things to do during your stay–mountain biking, ziplining, kayaking, and even Michigan’s biggest waterpark. The only downside to this field, which comes with any resort, is the expensive pricing. You’re in for a wild time if you can stomach the pricing!

#5 TC Paintball

tc paintball park

Photo Courtesy of TC Paintball

TC Paintball has taken the idea of excellent facilities to the next level. Their indoor paintball field is over 20,000 square feet covered with artificial turf. There are two additional outdoor fields to enjoy during the spring, summer, and fall months—one speedball course and one tactical course

TC doesn’t skimp on rental equipment either; they rent out industry-leading markers, protective equipment, and paintballs. For those who bring their own equipment, TC offers free air refills included in the entry price. Technicians are also available in case anything breaks during gameplay.

After you’re done playing, relax in TC Paintball’s lounge with some great food and free wifi (the burgers are fantastic). Something to keep in mind about TC Paintball is their reservation policy; making a reservation is an absolute necessity, even for open play. If you don’t reserve your place, you will not be allowed entry. If you’re located anywhere on Michigan’s West Coast or in Northern Indiana, TC Paintball is a venue you must visit. If possible, come during the summer months so you can take advantage of all three fields and types of gameplay!


Michigan is undoubtedly in the running for one of the best states to play paintball. One of the great things about playing paintball in Michigan is the proximity to other fun activities. After playing paintball in the morning, you can hit the beach, go mountain biking, golf, or relax in one of the many craft breweries that speckle our amazing state. We hope you enjoy these fields as much as we have and wish you the best of luck paintballing! If you need any extra equipment for your next adventure, please check out Lone Wolf's online store for the best equipment available in the paintball world!