A Guide to Utilize Paintball Grenades

A Guide to Utilize Paintball Grenades

Paintball has become even more popular in the last several years. Even the US Army has recognized the usefulness of paintball as a tactical training tool.

Players can use paintball grenades for a variety of different purposes. They are primarily used as an offensive weapon, but they can also be used as a defensive tool. Our guide to paintball grenades will explain how and when to use them effectively in order to win your next game.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about paintball grenades.

How to Dominate the Game with Paintball Grenades

When using paintball grenades, you should always make sure to use them properly. You can do this by utilizing them strategically as well as following all of the necessary regulations (more on that later).

Let's take a look at some of the most common uses for these weapons, so that you know how to properly use them.

Paintball Grenades on Offense

Throwing paintball grenades can be an effective way to bust through your opponent's defenses, giving you the chance to advance further into his or her territory and eliminate them or members of their team. It gives you the opportunity to take a strategic advantage and separate him or her from their team, leaving them vulnerable.

If you're playing on teams, this will give your teammate the chance to move in and attack as well! Every time you're able to eliminate an opponent or force him or her to retreat that gives your team more space on the field, and your chances of winning increase.

Paintball Grenades on Defense

Paintball grenades can be used as a defensive tool as well, helping to stop your opponents from advancing towards your team's area on the field. If they are using paintball grenades offensively, throwing them back at them will probably cause some chaos and confusion!

This gives you the chance to move in for an attack of your own while they're disorganized.

Paintball Grenade Scenarios and Regulations

Before you use paintball grenades, it's important to know the regulations surrounding them. Every field has different regulations regarding this weapon, so make sure to take a look at what your league allows before using them during games.

Keep in mind that paintball grenade regulations may differ by state, level and even game scenario.

Safety Regulations

Before using paintball grenades on the field, always ensure that everyone is wearing regulation paintball masks, face shields, or goggles. You should also check for obstructions in mask visibility by using the buddy system.

Always check with the local field where you'll be playing to see if they have particular rules about paintball grenades. Obviously, don't use military-grade equipment on any playing field!

You should also be aware that rules in competitive games are often far more restrictive. Most competition-level games don't allow paintball grenades at all.

When are paintball grenades useful?

You'll find that paintball grenades are particularly useful in these specific scenarios:

  • When you need to gain ground on the playing field
  • When your opponent's down to their last player or two, leaving them vulnerable
  • When there's a lot of players jammed up together in an area (for example, if they're using a big push through your area, or if you need to separate them so that your teammate can strike)
  • When there's a lot of players around a scenario objective (flag, for example)
  • When you're using paintball grenades offensively on the opponent who has the flag

There are several other situations where these weapons may come in handy; it's up to you and your team to decide when they're best used.

Special Types of Paintball Grenades

Paintball grenades come in a few different forms. They include paintball paint grenades, paintball flashbang, smoke grenades, and paintball stink bombs. It's important to know how each one works, so that you can utilize them most effectively!

Paintball Smoke Grenade

A smoke grenade is exactly what it sounds like – a metal or plastic container that emits a dark cloud of smoke when thrown. This allows your teammates to easily sneak past their opponent's defenses, without being seen by hiding within the darkness of the cloud.

The best thing about this kind of grenade is that it completely obscures sight, making it impossible for anyone to see clearly through the thick black smoke (and minimizing the damage caused by using weapons). This makes it effective for both offense and defense.

Paintball Flashbang Grenade

A flashbang grenade is exactly what it sounds like – a metal or plastic container that emits an extremely bright flash of light when thrown. This flash of light will temporarily blind your opponents, giving you the upper hand on theirs while they are disoriented (only for a few seconds, though).

Standard Types of Paintball Grenades

Non-Exploding Paintball Grenades

The simplest type of grenade, these are commonly made at home. In reality, they're more like water balloons than grenades. They are made up of rubber tubing that's sealed on one end and filled with paint.

When the arming pin is pulled and the grenade hits a hard surface, the pressurized paint is sent outwards over a large area.

These paintball grenades can offer you an edge during any game, and often pass through more regulations due to their safety profile. Some grenades come in larger sizes for maximum paint coverage.

Exploding Paintball Grenades

These look the most like regular combat grenades. They use a small amount of black powder as an explosive agent and fuse to regulate the explosion timing.

Exploding grenades are a small plastic bag surrounded by paint. It's then wrapped around the explosive and fuse, wrapped in a fiber case.

When you remove the cap and pull the ring, the fuse is ignited, and in three to five seconds, the grenade explodes. Just like a normal combat grenade, the paintball grenade explodes with a bang and sprinkles paint around in a large radius.

Tips to Use Paintball Grenades

Paintball grenades can be a very useful addition to your paintball arsenal. If you play in the woods, use the smoke grenades to make well-planned attacks or retreats without being seen.

If you play in an open field (or any kind of field with limited cover), use flashbangs and stink bombs during moments when your opponents are clustered together.

If you would like any advice or need help finding the right paintball equipment for you and your team, contact us today.